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Bitcoin Bull John McAfee Warns US Government: ‘I Will Bury You’

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Bitcoin shill John McAfee, who's on the run from the law for tax evasion, taunted the U.S. government on Twitter, saying they better leave him alone. | Source: Flickr

By CCN Markets: Bitcoin millionaire John McAfee — who’s a fugitive from the law for tax evasion — derisively taunted the U.S. government on Twitter. McAfee warned them to leave him alone or he will “bury” them.

In a dizzying weekend Twitter rant, McAfee claimed that the Department of Justice is compiling a bogus case against him for money-laundering, racketeering, and murder.

Bitcoin evangelist John McAfee is on the lam on his yacht. | Source: Twitter

John McAfee: The Government Is Conspiring Against Me

McAfee warned that if the feds don’t leave him alone, he’ll drop several bombshells that will reveal mass corruption within the government. So they’d better back off — or else.

“From friends in the State Department: The DOJ trumped up charges against me for murder, money laundering and racketeering…A conspiracy is unfolding. Proof coming.”

“I’ve collected files on corruption in governments. For the first time, I’m naming names and specifics. I’ll begin with a corrupt CIA agent and two Bahamian officials…If I’m arrested or disappear, 31+ terabytes of incriminating data will be released to the press.”

Bitcoin shill John McAfee warned the U.S. government to leave him alone. | Source: Twitter

Months Ago, McAfee Dared the IRS to Come After Him

It’s hard to make sense of McAfee’s incoherent tweets, but basically, he warned the U.S. government that he’ll fight back if they keep pursuing him.

If it’s true that federal agents are trying to hunt McAfee down, it’s presumably because he admitted that he hasn’t paid taxes for almost a decade.

As CCN reported in January, McAfee confessed in a stunning tweetstorm that he hasn’t filed a tax return in eight years. Why? Because he explained:

  1. “Taxation is illegal.”
  2. “I paid tens of millions already and received [nothing] in services.”
  3. “I’m done making money.”
  4. “I live off of cash from McAfee Inc.”
  5. “My net income is negative.”

McAfee then insisted that he’s a “prime target for the IRS” before defiantly challenging the agency to pursue him. “Here I am,” he goaded.

Before that, McAfee provoked the IRS, saying that he’s ready to fight them because “I have prepared my entire life for this battle.”

We declared our independence from Britain and fought a bloody war to escape burdensome taxes, yet here we are, less than 250 years later, being burdened by income taxes that are more crushing than anythung rhe British dreamed of. Free yourselves people!

— John McAfee (@officialmcafee) January 4, 2019

McAfee to Feds Today: ‘Leave Me…Alone’

Now, it seems that John McAfee has had a change of heart and wants the government to leave him alone. Interestingly, McAfee posted the tweets while sailing around his yacht (which is his home) in Cuba.

“Leave me…alone, or go down with the corruption you have embraced, because I will…bury you if you continue. Doubt me at your own…risk.”

Reminder: McAfee Is Still Running for President

It’s unclear how McAfee reconciles his desire to be left alone with the fact that he’s running for president of the United States. In January, McAfee announced his presidential bid — several weeks after proudly declaring that he’s a tax evader.

Unlike his rivals, McAfee has an unexpected slogan: “Don’t vote McAfee.”

Like many bitcoin enthusiasts, McAfee is a libertarian who believes in small government, unfettered political freedom, and personal autonomy.

John McAfee says his pursuers are “physically after” him. | Source: AP Photo/Alan Diaz

McAfee: ‘We Must Be Free’ from Government Control

McAfee candidly confessed that he has no solutions to the nagging problems that plague the United States. Moreover, he insisted that any politician who claims they have answers are lying.

“Do not ask me about immigration, foreign relations, education etc. I have no idea. Those claiming that they do are lying to themselves, or if not, they are purposely lying to you.”

McAfee underscored that his main goal is to spotlight the ingenuity of bitcoin and to urge people to rise up and free themselves from the oppressive yoke of government control.

“We must first be free. Freedom for The People is my only goal.”

And only then, he claims, can we find a solution to other problems.


Illuminati, Mason, Anonymous I'll never tell. I can tell you this, global power is shifting and those who have the new intelligence are working to acquire this new force. You matter naught except to yourself, therefore prepare for the least expected and make your place in the new world order.

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