eToro CEO, Binance Exec Join Justin Sun’s $4.5 Million Buffett Lunch

By July 22, 2019 Bitcoin Business
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eToro, Justin Sun, Warren Buffett
The crypto power lunch table adds more seats. | Source: Twitter/Justin Sun/REUTERS/Rick Wilking/Files; Edited by CCN

The highly anticipated crypto power lunch between Warren Buffett and Justin Sun is growing and will now include two new members who promise to enrich the conversation between the two businessmen.

eToro CEO Yoni Assia is one of them. Assia has been straightforward and actually pushed for an invitation instead of waiting for it.

Would love to join as well ! I believe there is huge potential for social impact that can be done via #Crypto and would love to have @WarrenBuffett engaged with us !

— Yoni Assia (@yoniassia) July 20, 2019

The strategy worked well because he received an invitation, which he quickly accepted.

Justin, it is my honor to join you for lunch with @WarrenBuffett , A big step for bridging between the traditional finance world and the new one !
There is a huge opportunity to use #BlockChainForGood and happy to share our research on @TheGoodDollar with #TheOracleFromOmaha

— Yoni Assia (@yoniassia) July 21, 2019

With his vast experience in the finance business, Assia brings a lot to the table. This successful Israeli investor revolutionized the world of trading with eToro. His vision brought millions of users closer to financial markets with strategies aimed at promoting "social trading." eToro has raised over $800 million in investments.

The other guest is Helen Hai. Head of Binance Charity Foundation, who promptly responded as well.

It is my great honor to join @justinsuntron and @WarrenBuffett next week to discuss crypto & philanthropy.

So far, Justin Sun has invited Litecoin Creator Charlie Lee, Huobi's Livio Weng, Circle's Jeremy Allaire, eToro's Yoni Assia, Helen Hai —Head of Binance's charity branch— and Binance's CZ. (Sun also invited Donald Trump, but it's hard to know if he was serious about this one)

Only CZ has declined, explaining that New York was "too far" but recommended asking Anthony Pompliano, whom Justin Sun has not yet taken into account

.@justinsuntron kindly invited me to go, but I can't make it. Too far. I guess that's like turning down $1,000,000, assuming 5 guys going, lol... But very much appreciated.

I would totally recommend inviting @APompliano.

Couple other thoughts:

— CZ Binance (@cz_binance) June 4, 2019

Justin Sun Cannot Make Everyone Happy

Although many argue that Sun made excellent decisions when choosing his companions, others criticize the excess of people from the world of trading and the lack of some truly Bitcoin advocates.

It also seems dangerous that inviting exclusively "crypto evangelists" could predispose Mr. Buffett by not stopping him from finding common ground to have a pleasant conversation about the potential of the crypto ecosystem. Some even believe it would be a good idea to involve some institutional investors:

It’s a shame to not have anyone from Bitcoin and the institutional/traditional finance side at that meeting! It’d make a better conversation and Warren could learn from people who speak the language and science of both worlds.

— Gabor Gurbacs (@gaborgurbacs) July 21, 2019

Assia may help with that, given eToro's nature of being a social trading platform which includes not only crypto but traditional assets as well.

eToro's dashboard. | Source: eToro

Tone Vays, Andreas Antonopoulos, Anthony Pompliano, and Vitalik Buterin are among the names suggested by the community. There is still the possibility that Sun will invite more people, so the community remains expectant.

A Simple Meal With a Lot of Potential

It's hard to know what Sun and Buffett will talk about during the meal, but apparently, much of the discussion will revolve around the business opportunities associated with the speculation of digital assets and the security of the crypto markets.

However, the presence of Lee and Hai expand the possibilities to discuss other interesting topics such as technological reliability, potential developments, opportunities for expansion of philanthropic initiatives thanks to cryptocurrencies, etc.

Buffett is a crypto skeptic. For several years he has advised his followers to "stay away from Bitcoin", calling it "rat poison." However, Sun's investment could open Buffett's mind a little more, but even Sun is not 100 percent sure of this.

Maybe it all ends with a nice steak, or perhaps this is the beginning of a revolution... We'll find out next week.

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