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Ethereum Price Analysis: Will Bears Continue Their Onslaught for ETH Price?

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Ethereum is again trading under the bear pressure in the current crypto market scenario. The bears are going strong and have been successful in pushing the price in the downward range for most altcoins, including ETH.

Latest Statistics of Ethereum:

As on August 12, 2019, at 2:16:27, current statistics are as follows:

  • Currently, the market price of Ethereum is $210.670
  • The Market Cap is around $22,930,450,573
  • 24-hour volume is at $6,104,309,295
  • ROI is still at a great 7,448.21%
  • Circulating supply is at a good 107,283,722 ETH

ETH to USD Price Comparison:

Ethereum Price Chart

The bears are once again ruling for Ethereum as seen from the weekly chart. From a good price of $235.419 on Aug 05, the ETH price fell to $227.134 on Aug 06 in 8h 40m to the tune of 3.31%. Ethereum price, however, did recover to the extent of 4.89% on the same day within 9h 5m at 238.235. The price again went down on Aug 07 within a matter of 21h 40m to the extent of 6.29% at $222.827. On the same day in 5h 35m, the price had rallied to $230.365, rally being to the tune of 3.72%. From here the bears took over, and the price was continually on a downswing with it reaching $216.034 on Aug 08 in a matter of 1d 4h 45m to the extent of 6.22%. Within 17h 5m on Aug 09, the price of Ethereum again went down to $208.662 to the tune of 3.67%. The current day’s ETH price is at $210.670, showing the price has slightly improved to the extent of around 1%. The price trend indicates that ETH has once again come under the bear grip.

Ethereum Price Prediction & Conclusion:

ETH coin has once again come under the bear radar with the prices trading mostly in the lower range. The crypto market is still under the bear pressure, and the prices of altcoins are facing the heat. The short-term is expected to be bearish for Ethereum though the market should recover by the medium term, and the bulls should be able to take charge.

Investors will need to wait for more time for their investments to give better returns as the bears have pushed the price downwards. Short term investors should judge the market volatility and make investments prudently.


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