Analysis on the Chinese Blockchain Industry (2019-2024): Financial Services, Supply Chain Management, Entertainment Industry, Industry 4.0, Education & Employment, and Philanthropy Usage Scenarios

By September 9, 2019 Bitcoin Business
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Dublin, Sept. 09, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Report on the Chinese Blockchain Industry 2019-2024" report has been added to's offering.

The blockchain industry is one of the newer industries in China and is intimately connected to the use of cryptocurrency. Blockchains serve as a ledger for cryptocurrency transactions as with every transaction a new block of data is formed to record the data of the transaction.

Blockchain companies first began to appear in 2014, with the number of new blockchain companies rising substantially in 2016. Over 100 blockchain companies were formed in 2016, with the blockchain startup frenzy reaching its peak in 2017. A total of 178 companies were formed in 2017. Blockchain industry investments also became more frequent in 2017, with close to 100 investments in 2017 alone.

Most blockchain companies are located in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and Zhejiang. There is a total of 175 blockchain companies in Beijing, while Shanghai has a total 95 companies. Guangdong has a total of 71 companies, while Zhejiang has 36. Other provinces with a notable concentration of blockchain companies include Jiangsu, Sichuan, Hubei, Chongqing and Guizhou.

Companies Profiled

  • ABT
  • CRGBanking
  • Feitian Technologies
  • Forms SI
  • Hundsun
  • Taiyi Cloud Technologies
  • Westone
  • YSS Technologies

Key Topics Covered

1 An introduction to blockchain
1.1 Cryptocurrency analysis
1.1.1 History of bitcoin
1.1.2 Creation of bitcoin
1.1.3 Bitcoin characteristics
1.1.4 Bitcoin trade analysis
1.1.5 Double payment solutions
1.1.6 The main problem with bitcoin
1.2 The concept of blockchains
1.2.1 Definition
1.2.2 Categories
1.2.3 Development history
1.2.4 Characteristics

2 Blockchain development analysis
2.1 Development routes
2.1.1 Origin of technology
2.1.2 Blockchain 1.0
2.1.3 Blockchain 2.0
2.2 Blockchain development
2.2.1 Opensource community
2.2.2 Industry unions
2.2.3 Foundational companies
2.2.4 Startups
2.2.5 Investment firms
2.2.6 Finance firms
2.2.7 Regulatory bodies
2.3 Blockchain and the latest information technologies
2.3.1 Cloud Computing
2.3.2 Big Data
2.3.3 IoT
2.3.4 Next Generation Mobile Networks
2.3.5 Encryption technology
2.3.6 Artificial intelligence

3 Chinese blockchain industry developments
3.1 Chinese blockchain industry size
3.1.1 Number of blockchain companies
3.1.2 Number of financed projects
3.1.3 Blockchain projects
3.1.4 Regional distribution
3.1.5 Regional supply chain distribution
3.2 Chinese blockchain achievements
3.2.1 Application diversity
3.2.2 Process informatization'
3.3 Development risks
3.3.1 Legal risks
3.3.2 Technical risks
3.4 Chinese blockchain industry security developments
3.4.1 Security problems and strategies Base code Password algorithms Proof of Stake (PoS) Consensus protocols Digital wallets
3.4.2 Blockchain safety services
3.4.3 Quantum technology developments

4 Blockchain usage scenarios in China
4.1 Financial services
4.1.1 Industry problems
4.1.2 Solutions based on blockchain technology
4.1.3 Applied scenarios Payment Capital digitalization Smart stock Account management Client recognition
4.2 Supply chain management
4.2.1 Industry problems
4.2.2 Solutions based on blockchain technology
4.2.3 Applied scenarios Logistics Source tracking
4.3 Entertainment industry
4.3.1 Industry problems
4.3.2 Solutions based on blockchain technology
4.3.3 Applied scenarios Set to change the music market Crowd-funded entertainment
4.4 Industry 4.0
4.4.1 Industry problems
4.4.2 Solutions based on blockchain technology
4.4.3 Applied scenarios Creation and management of an IIoT network Efficient management of the production processes
4.3 Education and employment
4.3.1 Industry problems
4.3.2 Solutions based on blockchain technology
4.3.3 Applied scenarios Education certificates Cooperation between industry and educational facilities
4.6 Philanthropy
4.6.1 Industry problems
4.6.2 Solutions based on blockchain technology
4.6.3 Applied scenarios

5 Chinese blockchain technology development status
5.1 Standardized technology
5.2 Technological structure
5.2.1 Technological parts
5.2.2 Application parts
5.2.3 Supporting facilities

6 Key Chinese companies
6.1 CRGBanking
6.1.1 Development overview
6.1.2 Main products
6.1.3 Operational analysis
6.1.4 Solutions
6.1.5 Competitive advantages
6.1.6 Development strategies
6.2 Hundsun
6.3 Forms SI
6.4 Westone
6.5 Feitian Technologies
6.6 YSS Technologies
6.7 ABT
6.8 Taiyi Cloud Technologies

7 2019-2024 Blockchain industry development projections and trends
7.1 Market projections and application prospects
7.1.1 Market projections
7.1.2 Application prospects
7.2 Development trends
7.2.1 As the next big thing in technology
7.2.2 As the next big thing for startup companies
7.2.3 Projected to become widely available within the next three years
7.2.4 Blockchain as a method to creating a new platform economy
7.2.5 As a method of dependable digitalization'
7.2.6 Blockchain management and standardization

The blockchain industry is one of the newer […]

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