Bitcoin Subreddit Passes 1,200,000 Subscriber Milestone

By December 1, 2019Bitcoin Business
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Bitcoin Reddit

r/Bitcoin on Reddit remains one of the most popular forums for Bitcoin fans. Recently, the subreddit reached a milestone of 1,200,000 subscribers.

New members continue to pour into Reddit’s largest Bitcoin community, r/Bitcoin. The subreddit recently hit a milestone of 1.2M subscribers after experiencing an explosive increase in traffic this year.

A Bitcoin Story That Goes Back to 2012

The subreddit has been around since November 2012 but, since then, has seen a meteoric rise in popularity. At the beginning of 2017, the subreddit boasted only around 200,000 subscribers. This number ballooned during the bull run that year to 634,000 subscribers at the start of 2018. Beating expectations, this number continued to climb through the bear market of 2018 and kept taking off in 2019. Since January 2018, the number of subscribers has close to doubled.

At the start of 2019, the subreddit hit a milestone of 1M subscribers. Adding another 200,000 members since then, the community has become the largest Bitcoin community online.

Earlier this year, BeInCrypto reported on r/Bitcoin’s increasing subscriber account despite a decline in Google search interest. In May, searches related to the first and foremost cryptocurrency were only at 10 percent of their previous all-time high. Therefore, r/Bitcoin has exceeded all odds in increasing its community despite the lull in Google interest.

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What It All Means

Altogether, the rise in subscribers indicates that the care group of Bitcoin HODL’rs is still strong and growing. Those that subscribe to r/Bitcoin tend to be more serious about the cryptocurrency space and closely follow events.

Ultimately, it’s good news for the entire industry since Bitcoin remains foundational for the entire sector. Many subscribers use r/Bitcoin to keep track of the latest news and trends in the blockchain world.

We can likely expect the subreddit to smash its next milestone of 1.5M sometime in 2020. It is currently ranked 210 among the largest forums on Reddit — with around 868 comments per day on average.

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New members continue to pour into Reddit’s largest […]

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