The Top 5 Cryptocurrencies of the Week Other Than Bitcoin

By December 15, 2019DApps
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The cryptocurrency world is full of ups and downs. There are many small and big coins other than Bitcoin which are making profits. This post is describing the top five coins in terms of market capitalization that did particularly well last week. The previous week analysis can be found here.

1. Energi + 43%

Energi has often made it into our list of the top 5. It is a fork of Dash that allows smart contracts and executes proof of stake. Just like Dash, there are also Masternodes in Energ i. Energi also uses the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine). This indicates that Ethereum dApps can also work on Energi. Energi is mainly traded on KuCoin.

2. Tezos + 31%

Tezos is a dPoS blockchain that supports smart contracts. The project gained popularity with its remarkably successful ICO, which raised almost $ 300 million. The explicit rise is possible due to Binance and Kraken, two major crypto exchanges, promising to promote Tezos staking. This indicates that token holders who have their tezos on the exchanges can collect the stake. Tezos is available on Binance and Kraken.

Tezos vs. USDT daily chart – HitBTC

From the perspective of technical analysis, Tezos has just broken out of the ascending trend channel. The possible target price for this movement is around USD 1.80. We are confident that the coin will keep the positive trend for a while.

3. Horizen + 24%

Horizen is a fork of the zk-Snarks blockchain ZClassic, which in turn was forked by Zcash, the first blockchain with this privacy technology. Horizen has integrated a DAO with which the development of the project is managed. It is available on Binance.

4. Cosmos + 20%

Cosmos is a blockchain network that provides the infrastructure for inter blockchain communication. So the entire network can be scaled up. The native token atom was launched in April this year. The news that the eSports platform FirstBlood is developing a blockchain on Cosmos with Dawn could be responsible for the rise in the token price. You can buy Cosmos on Binance.

ATOM / USDT D – Binance

From the technical analysis perspective, the ATOM continues to make a solid impression. The current rally still seems to have room for improvement. We, therefore, trust the coin to develop further in the trend channel. At the latest on the GoldenPocket at USD 5.14, we expect a significant correction.

5. Theta Network + 15%

Theta is a decentralized network for video streaming. The project operates its blockchain, the token of which has been trading since April 2018. We couldn’t find a primary reason for the increase this week. Theta is available on Binance.

Theta / USDT daily chart – Binance
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