What were Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency worst price forecasts in 2019

By December 31, 2019Bitcoin Business
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What were Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency worst price forecasts in 2019
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To throw the first stone who never gave a high kick and missed, but missed badly. Remember Bitcoin's $ 100,000 forecast at the end of 2018? Wrong "only" by 96.3%. Life goes on, let's see what these guys have been guessing for 2019.

# 1 Jun 26, 2019: “BTC can hit $ 20,000 in a week or two”Simon Peters, eToro analyst

Simon Peters said, "Google Trends data shows that retail has not even entered… investors who are in Tether can migrate to BTC… even with a correction this year, we should reach $ 50,000 or even $ 100,000." Simon is a CFA Certified Analyst in England.

# 2 Jun 21, 2019: “BTC should hit $ 100,000, I have never seen it in 45 years of trade”Peter Brandtgraphic analyst

“Bitcoin is targeting the $ 100,000, experiencing its 4th parabolic high since 2010. No other market in my 45 years of trading has risen this way on the log-scale chart. Bitcoin is an incomparable asset. ” Best selling book author, 300,000 followers and had hit the fall of the BTC in 2018.

# 3 Nov 21, 2019: “If BTC continues to fall it will vomit up to USD 1k”Peter Schiffavid defender of gold

“Bitcoin is close to completing a shoulder-head-to-shoulder top of the 25 / Oct pump. Breaking this goal drops sharply up to $ 1,000 to complete the figure. ” He still had the daring to complete: "Goes well under $ 1,000." Peter owns and manages an investment fund and has 175,000 followers.

# 4 Jun 15, 2019: “If XRP follows the same pattern as Bitcoin, we could reach USD 28”Credible Crypto50k followers

“The high we saw at BTC in 2013 and consequent bottom in 2014-15 fits well with the current XRP chart. If XRP follows the same pattern, on the next high wave we could rise 100x from the low to $ 28, which is quite reasonable in my opinion. Remember: the bigger the consolidation, the bigger the expansion. ” The author had the pledge to add, “I would buy it all fall, but it may not fall as long as we expect.”

# 5 Jul 12, 2019: “I think it's over $ 750,000, I'm with John McAfee”Fausto Botelho, living legend of graphic analysis

"The bad guys had to go carrying money from the banks on horseback … the invention of the car greatly increased bank robberies." I'm not from the same century as Faust, so I don't understand what he says. “We're getting into wave 5… it's going up… on this bullish straight… if conservatively repeating wave 3 we're going to $ 65,000… on the previous wave 350,000… if replicating wave 1 would be going to $ 750,000. I think it will see you later… ”

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