MENA Blockchain Hub: Blockchain in rise amid Egypt’s interest in emerging technologies

By January 2, 2020Bitcoin Business
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MENA Blockchain Hub completes a year of success in the field of blockchain technology
MENA Blockchain Hub completes a year of success in the field of blockchain technology

CAIRO- 31 December 2019: Amid Egypt’s focus in artificial intelligence and blockchain during the third edition of World Youth Forum, MENA Blockchain Hub completed a year of success and achievements in the field of training for Blockchain and Fintech technologies in Egypt.

Egypt’s WYF 2019 hosted a main session dubbed “Blockchain: A Revolution in the Digital World” in which the speakers discussed the impact of blockchain on digital technology, its uses in the economic realm, limitations, the dangers of illegal activity through blockchain, and how to maximize the positive side of blockchain.

From 2018, MENA Blockchain Hub was founded, aiming to simplify the definition of blockchain and deliver its knowledge. Since then, MENA Blockchain delivered a series of meetups and conferences on Blockchain and its various applications.

Sherif Salah, the founder of MENA Blockchain Hub, is an IT and Project Management expert with more than 13 years’ experience. He holding an MBA degree from California Coast University in United Stated.

Salah started his initiative in December 2018, along with the rise up and down of Bitcoin – this financial revolution that has changed the whole world.

At this time, the high trend was the creation and trading of cryptocurrencies that considered illegitimate in Egypt by the regulations of CBE and Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA), but MENA Blockchain decided to take another wave and led the trend through focus on Blockchain itself as a promising technology that going to change the whole world and its numerous applications in sectors: banking, insurance, transport, retail, energy, real estate..etc!

“We found that the people in our community are divided; some of them cannot differentiate between Blockchain and Bitcoin, and the others literally don’t know what is Blockchain. So, we decided to take the initiative here and launch our Initiative in Egypt to correct the understating about Blockchain," said the Founder of MENA Blockchain Hub.


“I always believe that Knowledge always comes before technology, you cannot apply any new technology before raise awareness of the technology in the community,” he added.

“Blockchain For Everyone” based on this very simple vision, MENA Blockchain started its long Journey with a series of meetup and conferences that targets all the sectors and industries. Throughout this journey, it faced many obstacles and challenges but it managed to overcome and handle all of them.

MENA Blockchain had successfully delivered 15 Events & Meetups in Egypt and trained more than 350 Students (IT Professional, Bankers, Researchers, Lawyers, Professors and CXO) from many nationalities such as Egypt, Jordon, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia on Blockchain and FinTech Technologies.


MENA Blockchain Hub has managed to deliver various meetups and events that cover many aspects of Blockchain and its enormous applications like Blockchain for Banking & Financial Sector, Blockchain for Healthcare, Blockchain for Startups & Entrepreneurs, Blockchain for iOT, Blockchain For Developers…etc.!

“Now, and after one year of success in Training and coaching for Blockchain & FinTech, we managed to introduce this new and disruptive technology to the community here with simple and cost-effective ways and succeeded in inspiring many people and startups around us,” Salah said.

MENA Blockchain still believes in the revolution of Blockchain and it will be going to transform the financial industry, unlike anything we have seen before. “We have more and more to deliver from meetups and workshops on Blockchain and its various applications. We always believe that our students one of our critical factors of success and learning…”

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