RIF Token is worth keeping Tab in 2020 by those who Sell and Buy Cryptocurrencies

By January 4, 2020DApps
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News BTC in their news article titled, “Four Projects to Keep Tabs on in 2020” have listed the RSK smart contract platform and the RIF token as one of the projects.

Though just a year old, the dedicated CEO has made it possible for the first year of the platform’s existence to be the period of maturity for the platform into a full-blown decentralized platform with protocols and applications. At the time of reporting the news, the RIF token had a value of USD 0.060879. The total supply of the token is at 1,000,000,000 RIF, and the circulating supply is at 547,806,681 RIF.

Diego Zaldívar, CEO of IOV Labs organization, is dedicated to the development of the RSK and RIF platforms HE stated, “IOV Labs was born to provide the tools and infrastructure to enable financial inclusion and empower people by giving them control of their data, identity, and money.”

News BTC published, “RSK, the bitcoin-backed smart contract platform. The Encompassing multiple components, including the Root Infrastructure Framework Token (RIF Token), RIF Open Standard (RIFOS), and Smart Bitcoin (RBTC).”

Developing Bitcoin-anchored decentralized finance using the second layer protocol is the critical focus of RSK. Further, the protocol will facilitate the usage of smart contracts and DApps.

IOV labs, the parent company of RSK, acquired Taringa, the social media platform, which has more than 30 million users. This means the “decentralized finance” at works already has a prospective user base. The trustless and open access trade will be facilitated in a user-friendly manner with the courtesy of RSK’s smart contract solution.


To begin building on RIF, the user should create a wallet, get RIF tokens, and proceed to use the RIF services. The RIF token permits any of the token holders to use the services compatible with the RIF architecture. Supported wallets are ibitcome, Mycrypto, metamask, ledger, Trezor, Dcent, and MEW.

RIF TOKEN 2020 Road Map

The road map of the RIF token for the year 2020 is published. Part 2 RIF Storage test launch, Part 3 of RIF Storage test launch, RIF Marketplace Testnet MVP, RIF communication Group, and 1 to 1 anonymous chat and RIF communication incentives are scheduled for the first quarter. The second quarter road map provides for RNS Dynamic resolution, RIF gateways Oracle MVP, RIF storage Partial Mainnet launch, and RIF storage unified testnet.

Further, the second quarter is scheduled for RIF storage interoperability, RIF marketplace Mainnet launch, RIF communication for high and low levels, RIF payments watch towers and RIF Marketplace GasStation, and GoDaddy.

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