This Epic Bitcoin Casascius Collection is a Hefty $700,000 Collectible

By January 13, 2020 Bitcoin Business
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It's a nifty collection of 87 bitcoins. Would you risk it? | Source: Reddit/Eodguy149

  • This impressive Casascius collection boasts roughly 87 bitcoin.
  • At today’s price of around $8,100 that translates into an investment of just over $700,000.
  • Novel as they are, collectibles still pose a major security risk.

A bitcoin collectibles collection worth a little over $700,000 has surfaced on . Known as Casascius, these rare “physically-minted” coins were all the rage back in cryptocurrency’s heyday.

Now, thanks to , Casascius is proving to be even more valuable than the digital money it backs.

Casascius bitcoin collection
There are roughly 87 BTC in this collection | Source: Reddit

Casascius designer Mike Caldwell is also pictured in the photo above along with coins from Nicholas Mross who directed the feature-length documentary “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin”.

Bitcoin Collectibles Are Still a Safety Risk

Of course, in reality, there’s no such thing as physical bitcoins but where there’s demand there’s a market. So much so that Caldwell even planned to .

This hard-supply cap and government overreach mean these coins now fetch a premium of anywhere between $800 to $1,200 per coin with some early 2011 versions reportedly even commanding upwards of $100,000.

On the back, there is a tamper-resistant holographic seal holding the private keys. Here’s a video of an early bitcoiner redeeming his Casascius coin to the .

This is still an obvious safety risk for physical theft, however, it must be said that that is part of what adds to the premium value to these coins in the first place.

Still a Great Long-Term Investment?

This entire collection holds roughly 87 bitcoin although the exact figure is hard to determine. Seven of the coins don’t have a printed figure so they were averaged out to one whole coin.

Bitcoin is currently hovering around the $8,100 mark:

What price level will Bitcoin be by 2020 year-end? | Source: TradingView

Fundstrat analyst . If that turns out to be true this particular collector will have a $1,5 million-dollar investment (BTC + premiums) on his hands, literally. Let’s hope he has a safe place to stash it.

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At today’s price of around $8,100 that […]

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