Aelf, the Commercial Public Blockchain Network Provider, Facilitates Modular Components for Businesses

By January 21, 2020 DApps
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Aelf (ELF), in their Monday Motivation on January 20, 2020, tweeted: “#aelf will continue to research and develop cutting edge #blockchain technology, promoting blockchain application and adoption, and drive transformations of traditional industries with technological innovations.”

Fortune Business Insights covered named Aelf in the line of several other key players who have contributed to the adoption of blockchain technology by making good investments.

Aelf uses parallel computing with innovative cross-chain collaboration mechanisms and modular development components. These features are defined clearly in just 25 words.

Aelf started off with 2020 in a very successful manner. On January 06, 2020, Aelf won the Most Technological System Award.

On Medium, aelf Developer explained the First AELF Smart Contract. Thus clearing the curiosity of creating smart contracts on aelf.

Aelf White Paper

The white paper of Aelf recognizes “scalability, security, customization, and interoperability” as pressing issues of commercial adoption of blockchain technology. Aelf focuses on facilitating the next generation of digital businesses. Financial services, Insurance, Digital Identity and IPs, Smart City, Internet of Things as early adopters of their proposed technology.

Aelf CEO spoke at a leading staking conference in the past year around July, StakingCon, where he was discussing the fundamental purpose of blockchain. He started, “Blockchain is not meant to create a new world, but to further develop the current world through encryption.”

Haoba Ma further opines that sustaining the reputation of the blockchain industry is important because a bad reputation to the industry affects everyone who is a member of it.

In the past, Haoba tweeted, “A blockchain network is essentially a business activity that replaces a company. If it does not provide any useful tool nor liquidity, it can never be commercially used. Such projects can survive maybe five years ago, but not anymore.”

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert Tweeted: “Haoba of Aelf expresses the importance of integrity in several of his tweets, which is a good thing. A good leader leads by example, and we believe the community sustains integrity as much as Haoba.”

Aelf Leverage

Aelf leverages on already existing DAPPs on Bitcoin and Ethereum. The interoperability feature will be used to connect the Dapps to permit asset exchange to extract transaction data on the Dapps. They focus on nurturing new ideas for startups. Ultimately to transform established companies to be blockchain savvy.

Major investors contribute to the capital required for forming the ecosystem. The pipeline of investors is particularly useful when it comes to supporting businesses globally.

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