IOTA-Powered Waste Management Device, Lidbot, Sells Out first Product

By January 25, 2020Altcoins
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Lidbot, a waste management sensor built on IOTA tangle, has revealed it has sold out the first batch of its product. The waste management idea is said to be the first IOTA technology product to be launched for sale.

The firm launched its pre-order on January 20, 2020, and got it sold out completely 4 days after. Information about the next batch of the order has not been stated yet, and Lidbot did not state how many products it sold within this period.

Good News! Lidbot Pre-Orders are now Live.


Just go to the link below and get a sample sensor for only $100USD. The sensor includes 1 year access to our analytics platform, REST API and Connectivity! #iot #iota #sensor #smartcity #smartbuildings

— Lidbot. (@lidbot_) January 20, 2020

When Lidbot senses that waste or recycling bins are full, it sends alert to the owners of the bin to make disposal of the waste easy. The device also notifies the right person when emptied.

The IOTA powered device when fixed to the lid of a bin, it measures the distance to the bottom, and get the owner notified when full. The device instantly turns any bin into a smart one.

The Lidbot device, according to the firm behind the device, could be used in more than 120 countries without routers, gateways or added infrastructure. The device can be used for optimizing waste collection, thereby saving users of their money.

Another product by the firm is Lidbot.robin, said to be the “world’s most powerful and cost-effective smart waste bin.

The waste bin comes with a built-in fill level sensor and a built-in battery that keeps the bin working for 5 years plus. Lidbot.robin is a connected smart bin capable of transmitting data anywhere with just a cellular connection.

STMicroelectronics Expands its Partnership with IOTA

Fabrizio Rovati from STMicroelectronics has made known that they are expanding partnerships with IOTA.

Fabrizio revealed that STMicroelectronics is conversing with those who can use X-CUBE-IOTA1 and IOTA for tech devices. During the IOTA podcast Untangled, Fabrizio expatiated STMicroelectronics’s partnership with IOTA.

STMicroelectronics, which is already a partner of IOTA, has around 50,000 employees across the world and regarded as Europe’s largest semiconductor firm.

Both IOTA and STMicroelectronics are working relentlessly on X-CUBE-IOTA1 extension software package.

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