Liquid launching leveraged bitcoin perpetuals up to 100x

By January 27, 2020Bitcoin Business
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Liquid launching leveraged bitcoin perpetuals up to 100x
Published by January 27, 2020

Global cryptocurrency exchange company, today announced the closed beta launch of Liquid Perpetuals, a forthcoming bitcoin trading product with up to 100x leverage. Those interested in this product are invited to participate in the private beta. The Liquid team is offering the chance to win one month of fee-less trading for those that try it out and provide product feedback.

Liquid Perpetuals

Liquid Perpetuals are a new derivatives trading product that facilitates the trading of perpetual bitcoin contracts.

When trading perpetual contracts on Liquid, users are trading contracts based on the price of BTC. Perpetual BTC contracts are represented by the P-BTC ticker on Liquid.

A perpetual contract has no expiry date and has no interest fees. Instead, a funding swap occurs between all open perpetual long and short contracts on Liquid.

Advanced trading features

Below are some of the advanced trading features available:

  • Set Stop Loss and Take Profit at order entry
  • Select either Cross Margin or Isolated Margin
  • Fund trades with 13 different currencies, both fiat, and crypto
  • Use up to 100x leverage
  • Deep liquidity: Multi-Market Order Matching technology draws liquidity from Liquid’s Spot, Margin and CFD order books to the perpetuals market.
  • Draw and save different chart ideas and even create chart templates that can be used anywhere on Liquid
  • Track your entire account performance using Liquid Vision
  • Deposit bitcoin in less than 10 seconds with zero-block confirmations

Trader protection

Liquid Perpetuals feature ‘Smart liquidations’ which carry out liquidations incrementally, 10% at a time. This way traders are not liquidated instantly when the margin threshold is breached. Instead, positions are gradually reduced as margin coverage falls.

Index price

The BTC contract price is based on the real market price, known as ‘index price’ by referencing the realtime BTC price on five cryptocurrency exchanges: Bitstamp, Coinbase, Gemini, Kraken, and Liquid. The contract takes the bitcoin price on the above exchanges, discards the highest and lowest values and then calculates an average between the remaining three.

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