bountyblok gamification toolset now available on WAX Blockchain

By January 31, 2020DApps
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bountyblok gamification toolset now available on WAX Blockchain
Published by January 31, 2020

WAX, a full suite of blockchain-based tools that allows anyone to securely trade digital and physical items with anyone, anywhere and, a gamification protocol on blockchain, announced a new partnership that makes it easier for decentralized applications (dApps) to acquire new customers and engage them through bountybloks’ incentivization and reward system.

bountyblok offers dApps that run on the WAX Blockchain a simple way to add gamification to their products, creating challenges and tasks that easily integrate with dApps existing technology. Gaming mechanics within applications promotes user engagement by motivating and rewarding customers.

“bountyblok has been one of the best user engagement and acquisition tools on the WAX Blockchain. The use of bountyblok’s promotional tools was instrumental in helping the hit game Prospectors to reach more than 24,000 daily active users on the WAX Blockchain in December 2019. Their on-chain rewards system gamifies the dApp experience for gamers and customers, while incentivizing and rewarding them. This enables dApps to acquire and engage users in a way that’s only possible with using bountyblok’s technology.”
– Evan Vandenberg, Director of Business Development for WAX

With bountyblok, dApp developers can:

  • Increase user engagement: Get your customers excited every time they log in by creating fully customizable challenges that, once completed, enable customers to earn tokens, badges, or level-up.
  • Maximize marketing efforts: Get the word out about your dApp for less money by rewarding your customers for sharing a social post, writing a comment, or following a specific account.
  • Reward employees: With remote work becoming the norm, and decentralized corporations becoming more well known, bountyblok offers an innovative way to motivate your team. Create incentives for your team’s Asana workspace, allowing them to earn tokens, points, or a user-defined achievement for completing the challenges, as well as rank them in weekly, monthly, and overall leaderboards.

Why gamify dApps?

Engaging users on a constant basis is key for applications to not only maintain, but grow their user base as well as their revenue. By defining clear tasks and goals and properly tracking the progress, users are incentivized to keep coming back and earn more points, rewards, badges, rankings, and money.

Gamification is not a new concept — has been working closely with several applications to implement unique and efficient ways to incentivize user engagement.

Why blockchain?

Rewards earned, badges and trophies won, and achievements completed are all tracked on the blockchain. Traditionally, this data would simply be stored on a centralized database by the application. This can lead to many negative results such as loss or manipulation of data, monetizing the user’s data without them having any say, and even censorship of certain users.

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