Less than 3-Day Old Ethereum dApp Sees $292K Transaction Volume

By February 1, 2020Ethereum
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A less than 3-day old Ethereum-based dApp has seen over $292,903 transaction volume, data from DappRaddar has shown.

The Ethereum dApp, named Brave Frontier Heroes (BFH), amassed 1,973 users, transaction volume of $292,903. In total, 9,238 transactions have been performed through the decentralized app.

Since launch, the dApp has been among the top 10, staying at the 7th position, ahead of WINk, Moonlighting, and Just.game.

Brave Frontier Heroes
Brave Frontier Heroes Data. Image Credit: DappRaddar

The new game, launched on the 30th of January, is said to be a crossover of the highly prosperous mobile game Brave Frontier and a top blockchain game My Crypto Heroes.

Brave Frontier Heroes makes use of the proven gameplay of Brave Frontier using the highly successful game economy of My Crypto Heroes.

When users play the game, they own diverse characters (Units) of Brave Frontier and weapons (Spheres) as digital assets. This assets are secured on the blockchain technology, allowing holders to make free buying and selling of the assets to others or make use of them in other games.

On the launch date, the Brave Frontier kick-started different ideas to boost the usage of the dApp. Amongst them is ZEL Up and ETH Back Campaign, Daily Lucky Lottery and some others.

ZEL, is the native currency of the Brave Frontier Heroes, used to make unit purchase and some other things.

Players of the BFH can have 20% more ZEL. However, one of the BFH’s 25 players will receive half of the ETH they’ve paid at the purchase, available information from BFH has shown.

Below is how the bonus is being calculated:

500 ZEL+ BONUS 100 ZEL: 0.05ETH
1,000 ZEL+ BONUS 200 ZEL: 0.1ETH
5,000 ZEL+ BONUS 1,000 ZEL: 0.5ETH
10,000 ZEL+ BONUS 2,000 ZEL: 1ETH
50,000 ZEL+ BONUS 10,000 ZEL:5 ETH
100,000 ZEL+ BONUS 20,000 ZEL: 10ETH

Ethereum has the highest number of dApps in the blockchain ecosystem. The likes of TRON, EOS and Tezos and some others are part of the smart contract enabled network leading the dApp world.

The Ethereum dApp, named Brave Frontier Heroes (BFH), amassed 1,973 users, transaction […]

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