Cobo Wallet: Your One-stop Destination for All Storage Needs

By February 4, 2020DApps
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Taking on the concept of central authority in the field of the financial ecosystem, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have emerged as game-changing innovations of our times. These innovations are safe, secure, and their capability to provide a seamlessly integrated solution makes them holistic and enviable for the new generation.

Crypto wallets and Blockchain Ecosystem

In order to support cryptocurrency in its quest for wider adoption, the emphasis is now increasing to create an ecosystem for digital coins. This will not only provide back-end support but also helps in the mass adoption of digital coins while giving impetus to blockchain technology. Prominent among components of the crypto ecosystem is the crypto wallet, and we have witnessed foray of a number of new offerings in this field.

Cobo Wallet: Striking Chord with Customers

Of all the new players, the Cobo wallet has been able to find favor with customers owing to its wide range of services, seamless connectivity, instant integration, and high-security aspect. What makes the Cobo wallet different from its counterparts is its feature that allows the users to enhance their digital assets through proof of stake rewards and customized workshops.

The wallet provides a one-stop solution, which essentially means you will find solutions to all your needs related to the storage of crypto assets here. You will get both cloud wallet services and HD wallet services and with the support as wide as covering 700 tokens along with 20 blockchains, you need not look anywhere for any crypto-related services. What’s more, the Cobo wallet has its own dAPP store, which hosts some of the most popular dApps, which in turn, help in furthering the utility aspect of the wallet.

Cobo Custodial Services

Cobo wallets offer crypto custodial services for institutional clients and depending upon the requirements; companies can customize the service. You can choose from joint or pure custodial services as the former offers a control shared between client and Cobo while the latter will allow only the client to have access to digital holdings. Further, thanks to the use of REST API support, it is quite easy for developers to build on Cobo’s platform, which facilitates faster building and smooth implementation of the projects.

Cobo Vault: An offline storage Facility

You can also opt for offline storage of your crypto assets thanks to the vault facility offered by the Cobo. In order to provide the best security aspects to the offline storage, Cobo’s vault boasts military-grade durability and encryption chip, which conforms to the highest safety standards of bank-grade. In order to further strengthen the safety effect, multi-signature authentication is also part of the Cobo’s vault security system.

Further to ensure security, Cobo has added another layer of safety in terms of anti-phishing code. Users have to enable this feature, and once activated, this code will be embedded in all the genuine emails sent from the trusted parties. This will help users to differentiate real emails from fake emails, thereby bringing an extra safety feature to the table.

Just so you know, in the month of November last year, Cobo began testing its loop network in collaboration with seven cryptocurrency exchanges and F2Pool Blockchain. This is being done to provide fast crypto exchange services and that too with zero transaction fees. It is a big development that is going to have a positive impact on the future of the Cobo wallet in addition to boding well for the entire crypto industry.


Cobo Wallet has made a place for itself in the cryptocurrency wallet segment owing to its high safety, scalability, and wide range of services. The wallet is expected to grow further in the future as the adoption of cryptocurrency is on the rise. Given the track record of the organization, it’s safe to assume that innovative and novel services of Cobo will power the next leg of its future growth story.

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