ChainSafe, DappNode among 10 new Ethereum grant recipients of Panvala

By February 6, 2020 DApps
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ChainSafe, DappNode among 10 new Ethereum grant recipients of Panvala
Published by February 6, 2020

Panvala, a donor-driven platform that rewards the work that the whole Ethereum community depends on, announced today its fifth batch of grant rewards. The grants went to firms and projects at the forefront of the biggest challenges in the Ethereum ecosystem.

With these grants, Panvala has now issued grants to 36 projects across the Ethereum ecosystem. Grants are supported by: Unstoppable Domains, Helium, and MythX. Panvala is run by its token holders, including teams who have held the tokens they were granted to participate in the DAO.

“The Ethereum vision depends on several parallel efforts that shore up its foundations and put the technology in the hands of everyday users. Panvala’s sponsors and DAO voters — including previous grantees who have held their tokens to vote — are happy to support all kinds of work that lifts up the Ethereum ecosystem.”
– The Panvala Team

Batch 5 Awards

Ethereum 2.0 Grant Winners

ChainSafe: Light Clients for Ethereum 2.0

350,000 PAN

Quilt: Ethereum 2.0 Execution Environments

200,000 PAN

DappNode: SGX-Enabled Ethereum 2.0 Validator Package

200,000 PAN

Layer 2 Scaling Grant Winners

NutBerry: Backward-Compatible Optimistic Rollup

100,000 PAN

Developer Tools and Growth Grant Winners

SOLL: Solidity WebAssembly Compiler

100,000 PAN Graph Database Nodes for Dapps

100,000 PAN

Dapps and Usability Grant Winners

Universal Logins

150,000 PAN

Alice: Alice for Android

100,000 PAN

AlphaWallet: TokenScript

150,000 PAN

FairDrive: Decentralized Cloud Storage

100,000 PAN

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