U.S Navy Inks $9.5 Million Contract with SIMBA to Deploy Blockchain-Based Messaging Platform

By February 7, 2020 DApps
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SIMBA Chain, an acronym for Simple Blockchain Applications that runs on MS Azure, is a blockchain-based company established in 2017. It has recently been entrusted with a 5-year contract by the US navy to deploy a secure and unhackable blockchain-based messaging platform. It is the first-ever SBIR Phase III or the Small Business Innovation Research contract in the history of blockchain technology. The University of Notre Dame startup has been focusing on improving the ways by which its blockchain-based service solutions can help developers to build robust decentralized applications (dApps).

According to the CEO Joel Neidig, and CTO Ian Taylor of SIMBA chain, SIMBA is the very first startup company of the blockchain genre that “enables anyone to quickly create blockchain distributed applications for iOS, Android, and the web.” The CEO Joel Neidig also added after receiving the contract from the US naval department,

This is a win not just for SIMBA and our partners, but also for the DoD, which has pursued with single-minded focus, a solution to conduct sensitive, mission-critical operations in a manner that is immutable and non-refutable. We plan to deliver a ‘bulletproof’ platform that meets all objectives.

In the previous phases including phase I and phase II, SIMBA had focused on the decentralization of the messaging platform by testing it in various working prototypes. Consequently, in this phase (III), the onus of operations of SIMBA lies on the full-scale implementation and commercialization of the proposed messaging platform. Blockchain helps both the Navy and the non-Navy federal organizations to gather and evaluate data for technical integration support. It also helps in bringing out the research reports needed for data documentation and financial evaluation. This project is expected to smoothen the communication among all the sea, naval and aviation enterprises which is very important for uninterrupted operations. With the help of a hardware and software communication system called NAVWAR, SIMBA will help to maintain the undersea system communication by joining the blockchain fabric from the seabed to space.

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