Blockchain jobs: Here are the top vacancies in Accenture, IBM and others

By March 1, 2020Ethereum
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India has the sixth largest number of blockchain patents, according to Hardfork, a blockchain company. As the demand for automation increases, the need for quality talent in emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, machine learning has also been on the rise to facilitate it.

A LinkedIn report titled ‘Emerging Jobs 2020,’ anticipates Blockchain Developer to be the top role in 2020. It also said that India is amongst the top three countries to lead the world in AI skills with robotic process automation, compliance, and integration as the fastest growing skills.

“The country is seeing a rise in digital transactions, and therefore industries are ramping up investments in Blockchain. This strong demand for Blockchain tech talent has put ‘Blockchain Developer’ on top of the list,” said Ruchee Anand, Head of Talent and Learning Solutions at LinkedIn India.

Smart Contract, Node.js, Hyperledger, Solidity are the top skills in blockchain and related technologies.

Every week, Business Insider collates interesting vacancies across marquee organisations. This week we bring job openings in and blockchain technologies.

Here a few of those opportunities:

Blockchain Technologies
Not Specified
Graduation in computer science or related field

Accenture is hiring a business and integration architect in Bangalore. The candidate will look after the end to end blockchain RFP response process. He will be required to implement blockchain system architecture and coordinate with the stakeholders during the process.

He will interact with clients to understand if blockchain is the solution. The selected candidate will act as an SME (subject matter expert) for blockchain engineering and problem solving.

To apply for the job, the candidate must have prior experience in blockchain technologies.

Interested candidates can apply .

A man walks into the JP Morgan at Canary Wharf in London May 11, 2012. REUTERS/Dylan Martinez

Full Stack Blockchain Software Engineer - Associate
Minimum 5 years
Experience with operating systems like Linux, Ubuntu and blockchain use-case implementation

J. P. Morgan is looking to hire a software engineer manager for the blockchain engineering team. The candidate will be responsible for developing secure applications on distributed decentralised platforms. The candidate will gather the client requirements, assess code libraries and make recommendations.

He will also monitor and test business applications as per the blockchain infrastructure and coordinate with the design team for integration initiatives.

The candidate should be skilled in object oriented programming languages like JavaScript, Java along with prior experience in blockchain use-case experimentations, Linux and Ubuntu. The role will require strong communication and analytical skills.

Interested candidates can apply .

Application Architect: Blockchain
Minimum 12 years
Experience with blockchain technologies like hyperledger fabric, corda and ethereum

IBM is inviting applications for an application architect for blockchain technologies. He will be responsible for translating system requirements to design and development of applications in enterprise java, golang, node.js and web technologies.

This role is responsible for performance scalability of applications. The applicant must have past experience in IBM cloud, AWS (Amazon web services) or Azure along with expertise in blockchain solutions like hyperledger fabric, corda and ethereum.

Interested candidates can apply .

Crypto Economist
Minimum 3 years
Not specified

Chat application Hike is looking for a crypto economist to work on the blockchain economy. The selected candidate will be responsible to evaluate and token the model economics. He will work in a cross functional environment to mentor ML, legal compliance, security and finance teams.

This role blends mathematics, psychology, game theory and economics and requires understanding of consensus algorithms, bonding curves, mining and contract.

The candidate should have an innovative mindset along with working knowledge of cryptocurrency, machine learning and blockchain. He should also possess strong communication skills.

Interested candidates can apply .

Crypto Analyst
Not Specified
Security, IT or maths degree

Nissan digital is looking for a crypto analyst, who will provide operational support for design, engineering and implementation aspects of the management architecture. The analyst will work with the security architect to understand requirements for the PKI operations and assist in creating strategies, tools.

The role will also require keeping up with the cryptographic risks and security threats. He must have experience in the PKI infrastructure, crypto libraries and tools.

Interested candidates can apply .

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