Kyber Network ($KNC) to Pay Rewards for Actual Network usage in ETH Why?

By March 1, 2020 Ethereum
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Kyber Network ($KNC) is the most used #DeFi protocol. This is the On-chain liquidity protocol that enables any token to be usable anywhere.

The Katalyst upgrade is a 3-way value creation for $KNC holders. It will be combined with the power of voting in critical protocol parameters via the KyberDAO, which is an immensely strong use-case for $KNC, which is in the making.

KyberDAO and a new $KNC model is set to be launched in Q2! The $KNC will be the first staking token to have a deflationary model. The token burn and rewards will be determined by the actual network usage and the DeFi growth. The model will include stake, vote and eventually the reward in ETH.

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert tweeted: “KNC holders have a reason to be more active considering the participation rewards, burning, and reserve incentives; however, Why would the Kyber Network ($KNC) reward in ETH. Waiting Clarity please. Why not in KNC?”

Kyber Network ($KNC) Future Market and Coinbase Listing

Loi Luu, co-founder and CEO at Kyber network recently tweeted: “This week is definitely the listing week for $KNC. After the @CoinbasePro listing announcement a few days ago, @Delta_Exchange just introduced the first future market for $KNC.”

Kyber Network (KNC) was recently launched at Coinbase in the iOS and Android apps making it possible to properly buy, sell, convert, send, receive, or store KNC. A few updates are to be completed for full usage to be available to users.

Kyber Network ($KNC) Permitting Better Liquidity

Kyber has been a leader in #DeFi innovation. They are working on really wonderful projects with milestones completed periodically.

The Kyber APR facilitates the flexibility to price tokens within a specific range permitting better liquidity with similar inventory size. APR – Automated Price Reserve that is capital efficient with low slippage in market making.

Also, Kyber has automated pricing reserves facilitating efficient inventory use to support same level in liquidity. The tradeoff is that Kyber APR will not support infinite price movement (i.e., you need to top up tokens/eth when the price moves out of support range.)

Kyber have successfully provided for more than $500million and 600,000 trades completely on-chain #Ethereum by giving liquidity on Kyber. Thus your token will get exposure to nearly 100 DApps in the Kyber and DeFi ecosystem. When the Katalyst is live, the reserves tend to get good rebates for good performance. Therefore, APR is the opportunity for market making for each profit made.

The Katalyst upgrade is a 3-way value […]

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