Hedgetrade (HEDG) Recently Publishes on Decentralized Emails on Blockchain the Key to Mass Adoption

By March 9, 2020Ethereum
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Hedgetrade (HEDG) provides with a walk-through video to help users better understand how HedgeTrade works.

Improving the efficiency and security of emails by way of using blockchain technology is yet another facet of decentralized technology. Blockchain technology influences different industries, and it helps in improving various aspects of an industry.

While it is true that blockchain technology might not fix everything about blockchain technology, it can surely be used to improve on already existing mechanisms with due integration.

Increasing numbers of people are looking into decentralized email programs because it is tamper-proof and fully automated. Email privacy is a crucial expectation these days. Since no centralized servers are storing the emails are directly stored in the blockchain. Therefore, third parties will not be able to access the emails. Only the user will have access to the emails. Being on a blockchain, any hacking attempts are easily noticeable.

Hedgetrade (HEDG) has recently published about ten notable examples for decentralized email providers like Cryptamail, Protonmail, Proemtheus, Tutanota, Countermail, Criptext, Disroot, Mailfence, Hushmail, and Posteo.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, tweeted: “Decentralized email is not something unexpected as there is a high publication for this. However, the recent publication from HedgeTrade (HEDG) provides a decent list to explore the options for decentralized emails.”

Hedgetrade (HEDG) and Pete Danihel

David Waslen, CEO of Hedge Trade early this year, gave an interview explaining how it all started for HEDG. He stated in the interview that HEDG happened after his talk with his friend Pete Danihel, who is now Co-Founder and Lead Developer of HedgeTrade as they desired to build data that is tamper-proof and visible to everyone.

The HEDG project he stated is based on price predictions, which are stored on the Ethereum Blockchain and powered by the smart contracts. Anyone can use the blockchain by staking HEDG tokens. Users need to get an invite code to get started, which takes place quickly by sending a message on twitter.

Hedgetrade (HEDG) Adding more Assets

HEDG is planning to add more assets for their traders, which they can use for making predictions. They are planning to add forex, commodities, sports, and stocks in the future. They are trying not to limit their platform to just the crypto. They are doing more than crypto.

Improving the efficiency and security of emails by way of using blockchain technology is yet […]

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