Fantom Finance Offers DeFi Outside Ethereum Simplifies Financing with Synthetic Assets

By March 15, 2020Ethereum
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Fantom is the next generation consensus-as-a service platform. Fantom Foundation recently announced Fantom. Finance, which is the first full suite DeFi stack that will hit the market outside the Ethereum Ecosystem.

Fantom Foundation has been forever focused on building the technology stack; however, they have not been communicating well on what is being built and what has not been built. Recently, the foundation decided to post technical updates every two weeks every Monday.

Several amazing companies and institutions are a part of the DCRM alliance, which is meant to build a future in which decentralized custodianship is the standard.

Fusion tweeted: “We are proud to announce the members of the DCRM Alliance and thank them for completing the first distributed account generation and transaction signing across BTC, ETH & FSN! The next generation custodian model is now one step closer to reality!”

Of note, the DCRM Alliance pilot by Fusion was introduced with Fantom, Totle, Realio, and KIT.

Fantom Foundation expressed that the future of DeFi is all inclusive. They were excited about adding ETC as collateral.

Ethereum classic previously tweeted: “#EthereumClassic’s role within this new initiative is to add support for #ETC as collateral and to mint a stablecoin on the Fantom platform – similar to DAI on Ethereum.”

Fantom Finance Full Suite Defi Stack

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, tweeted: “The Fantom Finance will be the first of its kind to provide DeFi outside Ethereum, it is exciting because it is full suite DeFi Stack.”

Fantom Finance simplifies the process of trading, lending, and borrowing of synthetic assets. It makes use of the first full suite DeFi suite outside Ethereum with a fast and scalable consensus to provide for a long-waited DeFi upgrade.

It provides for secure on-chain trading, where it is possible to trade from the wallet directly. The Fantom Proof-of-Stake Network secures it. There is no slippage, and the trades are executed immediately. Instant liquidity provides access to 176 tokens with high trading volume. It is possible to lend and earn interest by adding the tokens to lending liquidity pool. The APR is verifiable and transparent, and it is possible to begin earning immediately.

The Fantom technical updates are continually optimizing the Go Lachesis with additional improvements to the explorer and the wallet applications. The fortnightly updates will tell more about Aggressive P2P Propagation of Events, changing boot nodes from being static nodes to using discovery, adding improved support for future SFC logs including an increase in Delegation function, adding the missing RPC call needed to deploy the contract with Truffle and lot more.

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