IOTA: New application allows chatting and gaming on the tangle

By March 17, 2020Altcoins
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  • The tangle-based application IOTA Plus allows users to get paid for testing computer games.
  • Furthermore IOTA Plus offers a secure decentralized and 100% anonymous chat.

IOTA developer Marlon Morales has released an update to IOTA Plus. The application allows users to perform a whole range of different functions on the tangle and celebrated its alpha release last year in December. On the one hand, computer players can earn MIOTA by testing new games and watching advertisements while playing. On the other hand, the founders of the app want to pay the user for companies to collect data on user behavior.

Currently, a game hub is also under development, which will allow users to connect to each other in order to play safely together in a larger group over the Internet. There is also a private, secure decentralized chat, which is supposed to be 100% anonymous. Users of the chat retain complete control over their data, as the chat history and all other content is not stored on centralised servers of large companies such as Facebook or WeChat.

The app IOTA Plus is connected to the IOTA wallet of the user, so that the earned or consumed MIOTA can be debited or credited directly. Users of the platform can also generate passive income if they invite further friends to use the platform. Currently the app is available for Windows and Mac for download and testing.

Morales further explains that the application works without the use of the IOTA coordinator:

– Works perfectly without coordinator because of 0 value transactions to save data in to the tangle.

– Get your data from everywhere with your IOTA+OS Account. You can even login from other workspaces.

The coordinator is responsible within the tangle for the final confirmation of transactions. Prior to this, each new transaction must be confirmed by two old transactions in order to be confirmed by the coordinator. However, the coordinator is only a temporary measure to exclude dishonest actors from the tangle.

The node software GoShimmer, currently under development, will allow nodes to reach consensus without the coordinator. The GoShimmer node will contain the Coordicide modules for autopeering and node identities. GoShimmer will eventually eliminate the Coordinator and completely decentralize the IOTA tangle network.

Yesterday evening GoShimmer v0.1.3 was published, which can be downloaded from GitHub. Many minor bugs were fixed and a security hole was closed. The following video shows the full functionality of IOTA Plus:

IOTA celebrates successful new start

After the IOTA Tangle had been out of service for more than 4 weeks, the network returned to normal operations on 10 March. The victims of the Trinity wallet hack were fully compensated by IOTA co-founder David Sønstebø. According to this, the victims will not suffer any financial loss. Both the community and other business partners were completely satisfied with the measures taken.

IOTA’s price was not negatively affected by the hack. MIOTA currently records a price increase of 3.48% to a price of 0.12 USD within the last 24 hours. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and don’t miss any hot news anymore! Do you like our price indices?

Furthermore IOTA Plus offers a secure decentralized and 100% anonymous chat.

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