Ethereum Blockchain Powered SkyWeaver Game Enters Final Closed-Beta Phase

By March 23, 2020Ethereum
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SkyWeaver, the upcoming free-to-play blockchain powered card game developed and launched by Horizon Blockchain Games, is undergoing its last closed-beta campaign.

Two days before, Horizon revealed the start of season 0 of SkyWeaver. The season will run until the roll out of SkyWeaver open-beta variant.

The collectible card game utilizes Ethereum-powered non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as in-play goods, which can be traded in secondary markets or used in the game.

The in-play goods awarded during season 0 is not usable once SkyWeaver initiates open-beta.

Nevertheless, players who are have their name in the top 500 list in at least one of the game’s modes will be awarded a ‘gold card’ that can be utilized in the open-beta variant.

Horizon anticipates rolling out open beta phase before the beginning of next year.

SkyWeaver offers two unique modes of playing the game. In ‘discovery’, participants are offered a unsorted bunch of cards, which can be utilized to receive gold card awards upon winning.

After the player accumulates adequate cards, they can take part in the game in ‘constructed’ mode, which will allow them to create their pack utilizing the cards they own.

The game, after going live, will offer ‘Normal’, ‘Silver’, and ‘Gold’ cards. Normal cards are arranged within the game. Players own Silver and Gold cards.

Horizon offers Silver cards for sale, while Gold cards are offered as in-play awards.

Silver cards can be purchased from Horizon, while Gold cards are earned as rewards in-game — and are the only type of card to feature scarcity, owing to a controlled rate of release.

Nevertheless, Horizon owns the right to amend the statistics of a card in case it turns out to be tumultuous to gameplay, which could affect the market value of gold cards in an unanticipated manner.

On March 7, Horizon revealed that it had been funded to the tune of $5 million in a financing round headed by Initialized Capital, the investment company co-founded by Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian.

In a blog post, Peter Kieltyka, the co-founder of Blockchain Games mentioned that the funds will be utilized to unveil SkyWeaver. Initialized Capital also took part in Horizon’s $3.75 million seed round last year.

Two days before, Horizon revealed the start of season […]

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