Godot Game Engine Gets Enjin SDK Support

By May 7, 2020Ethereum
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Open-source video game engine Godot now supports blockchain gaming platform Enjin through a software development kit, or SDK. The teams have been working for two years to seamlessly integrate Enjin into the building tools from Godot. Any developer working on a game using Godot, can now add blockchain-powered features to their games.

In the world of game development, Unity is king. Followed by for example the Unreal Engine. However, Godot is quite small. Godot is an open-source light-weight, but feature-rich game engine, and it also supports multiple platforms.

Developers using Godot will get to use Enjin in the upcoming 4.0 update. With this update they will also receive a demo game called EnjinRun. This demo game is all about showcasing three core elements of blockchain gaming:

  • Wallet linking – secure and private ways to connect an Ethereum address to the game
  • Asset distribution – receiving in-game items in the user’s blockchain wallet in real-time
  • Asset implementation – shows how developers can use the tokenized game asset in their games

The biggest game releases aren’t made using Godot. However, there’s a thriving scene of artistic and indie game developers that uses the opensource engine. The latest showcase already lists some games that could potentially use the Enjin SDK in their final product.

Enjin Platform for easy tokenization

Two months ago Enjin introduced its own Enjin Platform to the market. It allows for easy tokenization of game assets. It’s basically a blockchain development kit to add player-owned and blockchain-based assets to video games. Enjin Platform is a web interface build on top of Ethereum that uses the ERC-1155 protocol.

One of the interesting elements of this development kit is that developers don’t need to write any code. It also provides an easy and user-friendly way to create fungible and non-fungible tokens.

Games in development on Enjin

At the moment there’s a wide variety of games already in development that embrace the tokenization of game assets and use Enjin. Think about for example Forgotten Artifacts, Age of Rust and The Six Dragons. Each of these games allow users to earn in-game rewards, store them in a wallet and sell them for a profit on the open marketplace.

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