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By May 11, 2020Ethereum
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Dutch game studio Paladin Studios is working on an original game experience within the virtual world of The Sandbox. They haven’t unveiled any details about their creation yet, but the studio mainly makes family-friendly games with a good amount of fun. The studio acquired a large estate within the Sandbox to build their next creation.

The username of Paladin Studios within The Sandbox is PaladinKG. Perhaps KG is an abbreviation of their game within the metaverse. However, we don’t know whether that’s true. We’ve asked them to comment, but haven’t received a response yet.

The studio describes itself as a creator of free-to-play games with a quirky twist. In addition the studio updates older games with ‘a fresh new twist’. Paladin Studios has worked on games like for example My Tamagotchi Forever, Amazing Katamari Damacy and Momonga Pinball Adventures. Their latest creation is the multi-platform tactical game Stormbound: Kingdom Wars, which is available for iOS, Android and Steam.

TSB Studios is currently working on Game Maker software. This is a visual editor for creating gameplay within The Sandbox. It will allow game studios and developers to create their own gaming experience using assets from the public marketplace. Developers can buy assets from the public marketplace or create using the VoxEdit voxel editor.

One of many partnerships

Paladin Studios is one of many companies that acquired or received a piece of land after partnering with The Sandbox. Sky People, Chainbreakers, League of Kingdoms and SkyWeaver are just a small selection of the many other companies within the metaverse. Even Atari joined this ‘new revolution’.

When Atari jumped on board, it was major news within the blockchain space. However, mainstream game media didn’t pay attention. VentureBeat covered the news, but IGN, Gamespot and Eurogamer looked the other way. This could prove to be a problem down the road, as more mainstream attention is required to get hundreds or thousands of gamers start building experiences and games within the virtual world.

The Sandbox will soon announce more partnerships. One of them could be the Japanese game publishers Square Enix. This company earlier became an investor in The Sandbox already. The fourth pre-sale is coming up, but a date has not been decided yet. (referral)

What is The Sandbox?

The Sandbox is already a franchise on mobile platforms with 40 million downloads. However, it’s the upcoming blockchain-powered version of The Sandbox that has many people talking. According to Animoca Brands this virtual world ‘will introduce new creative and commercial possibilities by allowing users to create voxel items and gaming worlds from the digital equivalent of building blocks’.

Within this game world everybody will be using SAND as a digital currency. Gamers, developers and publishers will use this Ethereum-based utility token. It will allow content creators to monetize their work, building a platform made by and for gamers.

Players and companies can buy land, and build anything on it. Ownership over virtual land is stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Users can sell their land whenever they want on any public marketplace. Using VoxEdit and upcoming Game Maker software new game experiences can be made by anybody.

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