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By May 13, 2020Ethereum
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Note: The questions in this practical test were carefully analyzed by a certified professional specialized in the subject.

The idea of ​​the practical tests is to offer a sample of the certification tests, so that you can adapt, so that you feel more comfortable.

We do not guarantee that the questions in this practical test will be present in the official test. The questions are about the topics of the exam.

If you find a typo or have any questions regarding a specific issue, please contact us. You will need to provide the question number and the practical test number.

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With the evolution of the market, just having an undergraduate degree is no longer enough. The demands of society as a whole have increased a lot and this reflects on the way companies produce.

In the globalized economy, providing the basics to the consumer is no longer enough. To satisfy their customer and not lose business, it is essential that companies focus their efforts on ensuring their satisfaction with the service as a whole.

Precisely for this reason, companies are investing in new practices and seeking professionals with diversified knowledge to meet their demands. After all, cutting-edge services start with structuring a skilled team.

The corporate environment began to require professionals to be able to combine quality training with complementary courses and certifications. Teams must have specific knowledge for each service they provide, avoiding poor quality in meeting external demands and ensuring that the customer's desire is always met.

In some cases, the demand for continuing education is so great that businesses directly encourage professionals to take courses. After all, by investing in the professional, the company maintains its high level of engagement and, at the same time, increases its competitiveness.

Often their readjustment / promotion or even new opportunities depend on a validation of knowledge.

It is not enough today for the professional just to have the practical knowledge. This knowledge must be proven.

What are you waiting for?

The idea of ​​the practical tests is to offer a […]

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