IOTA Connecting Humans and Machines via IoT May 28, 2020, Jakub Cech

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IOTA has been lately contemplating on how they build innovative technologies remotely. On May 28, 2020, in Future proof How We Build Innovative Technologies – Remotely by Jakub Cech.

IoTify tweeted: “At the IOTA Foundation, we’re building the standard protocol to connect humans & machines via IoT. In our next FutureProof webinar, we will discuss how we remotely ensure creativity, security & market fit in our development & how others can adopt them.”

If technology makes it possible to connect the billions of human beings with machines through the internet of things, the coordination can lead to improved productivity and phenomenal deliverables in the real-time world.

The sixth session of FutureProof will be with Jakub Cech, the Director of Engineering. He will talk about the IOTA engineering department and its development practices. Further will discuss the routines and tools which are used to facilitate creativity, security, and market fitness in the world of technology development. He will also be talking about how others will be able to adapt. Following Jakub’s presentation, there will be an interactive round of Q&A.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, tweeted: “If IOTA becomes successful in their efforts of connecting humans and machines with IoT that will just be the start of timed and high-quality deliverables in the society in almost every industry.”

Connecting machines and humans is no easy joke. The end result should be tested for security and practical usability to ensure mass adoption. Thus, it is more than just creativity and efficiency. The invention should convince political and industrial domains to make it to the market.

IOTA Monitoring Air Quality in Cities

Air pollution monitor in smart cities has been one of the major points of discussion in the IOTA community.

Proof of concept of a Tangle based transparent and trusted air pollution monitoring system for future smart districts is already a point of major discussion doing the rounds in the community.

The story covering for the concept is that several city councils and companies are already publishing data from their weather stations and air quality systems under Open Data initiatives. However, there are concerns about whether the data is has been modified before it got published.

When thinking about smart districts of the future, it is crucial for this data to be reliable and free from modifications of any kind. Thus IOTA takes to the proof of concept where the TVOC and CO2 values are obtained from a sensor and sent to Tangle. IOTA is moving ahead with quality innovation. No fancy gigs. True innovation.

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