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By June 14, 2020DApps
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First App build on FLAMA is already revealed.
It's file-sharing app that works like a MEGA but paying to the users for downloads with tokens , so similar as ADX with ads etc

Only 25 days to FLAMA airdrop and first app.

They remade their website and added a bunch of info with most devs having their socials linked:

About Flama:
Flama is the first deflationary token with smart dapps in the market, ready to build onchain apps with enhanced futures like staking. Currently rest of the deflationary tokens are all experimental and useless. FLAMA aims to change that.

We are proud to announce airdrop name it’s FLAPP. This token will works with our on-chain apps , and we announce our first dapp , a platform similar to mega where users can earn FLAPP with downloads of files following a model of Pay Per Download with a hash encryption on-chain to every file , the only way to get FLAPP it’s holding FLAMA or using FLAPP loader . This is the first dapp of a Max of 12 dapps that FLAMA token plans to release.


Don't use V2 for now. V1 is the place to be with volume and liquidity

Coingecko is showing the wrong prices. Gecko needs to update Uniswap V1 tracking


Official Telegram channel:
Official chat:

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