NEO Smart Economy towards Being the Next Generation Internet and Cryptocurrency

By June 14, 2020Ethereum
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Da Hongfei expressed that they are proud to be one of the five members who are catalyzing the adoption of blockchain technology in the digital economy era.

NEO Smart Economy tweeted:We’re excited to work alongside IntWorkAll members across a variety of industries, including Microsoft, Accenture, IBM, Nasdaq, and UBS, to realize our vision of the next gen Internet by empowering large-scale, commercially viable blockchain applications and solutions.”

The community members are excited about the role of NEO. Someone compared the current move to Enterprise Ethereum Alliance EEA founded in March 2017. They recollected on how Ethereum $eth was $7, its much better set-up and its HUGE news for NEO at $13. They are hoping to see massive gains.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted: “NEO are not about hype, rather they are about facts. They keep working their way strategically doing their best each time.”

Long term believers like the way NEO progresses. While a few suspense based information is not enjoyable by short term day traders, long term holders like being with NEO. They believe in the NEO vision. The investors are like let’s go NEO all the time.

Bridge Protocol have recently published on how they have leveraged both Ethereum and NEO to drive their identity solution. They have launched Bridge 3.0 for the blockchain community.

NEO Time Travel Debugging Visual Token Designer

NEO published their May recap in which they spoke of the preview of their governance and the economic model, the demo or the time travel debugging, and the visual token designer. They have also spoken about the TestNet upgrade readied for Interop implementation and about different events and partnerships.

The Time Travel debugging will permit the developers to step both forward and backwards through the code, storage changes and unexpected behavior will be monitored in the process to isolate and troubleshoot issues.

Lot of expectation is brewing around the NEW Madana partnership. Lot of things happened in May for NEO cryptocurrency. They have had a lot of new developments.

At the Consensus Distributed, NEO unveiled their progress in the areas of governance and developer tooling.

Da also provided a preview of the new voting and economic model planned for NEO3. This features 21 committee members who will be elected to make decisions concerning the platform. According to this model, the GAS distributions will be influenced by a voting mechanism and the NEO holders who vote would be incentivized.

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