League of Kingdoms Open Beta Launches Next Week

By June 29, 2020Ethereum
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Nplus Entertainment is launching the open beta for their multiplayer online strategy game League of Kingdoms next week. The Singapore-based game studio announced in Twitter that this open beta will only be accessible on PC. However, the studio will launch the final game also on iOS and Android.

After first announcing a release today on Monday June 29th, the studio has now changed its announcement. Instead of today, the open beta will launch on July 3rd. Reasons have not been announced, and could be anything from marketing to technical reasons.

Supposedly there are no gameplay limitations to the League of Kingdoms open beta. This could mean that landowners will be able to immediately start earning revenue over their virtual land. Nplus Entertainment told on Twitter that they are not planning to sell any land ‘for a while’. Likely the will sell land again when League of Kingdoms gets its official release later this year.

Earning money with League of Kingdoms

The past few months the company has conducted two pre-sales during which they sold virtual land. Currently 519 different Ethereum wallets hold one or more LOKL tokens. In total there are 3038 LOKL tokens on the market, and these land parcels are available in different levels. The higher the level, the more valuable these lands are.

Higher level land is more interesting to develop on. The higher the land level the better quality the resources are. At the same time development increase the level and land value as well. Development points are added when you mine for resources or consume crystals. If 100 thousand resources have been collected, a piece of land gets one development point.

Earnings are paid in DAI. There are daily withdrawal limits of 500 DAI per account. However, land owners can claim more of they have gone through a Know Your Customer process.

What is League of Kingdoms?

League of Kingdoms looks like its inspired by popular mobile games like Rise of Kingdoms. You can see this in for example the need to work together to build a strong kingdom, overpower other kingdoms and defeat monsters. Players can forge alliances between kingdoms, while they can also voted for their leaders through the Ethereum blockchain.

This strategy game basically consists out of five different layers:

  1. Blockchain – The first continent is running on the Ethereum blockchain, but other continents might move to other blockchains. Through blockchain technology players have true ownership in an open economy, with transparent governance.
  2. Land – Land is non-fungible virtual real estate stored on the blockchain. Players can earn, play, trade using the land.
  3. Kingdoms – Kingdoms function on top of the land. A kingdom can become a prosperous city state with a powerful army.
  4. Alliance – An alliance is a clan with multiple kingdoms. Diplomacy, trade relations and governance of the continent play a role here.
  5. Congress – Continental congress is a group of chosen leaders that govern the entire continent. They decide on rewards, dividends, and many other things inside the game.

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