Ethereum Classic (ETC) on Hive OS Launched Mining Pool and New Billing Cycle

By July 7, 2020Ethereum
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Previously, it was stated that both the free and paid Hive OS users who switch to ETC pool to be able to use Hive OS for free until 19.06. 2020. It was also stated that from 20.06.2020, the conditions will be same for mining Ethereum on Hiveon pool.

Users had two options: One is to pay for Hive OS on Hiveon Pool with 3% dev fee while mining Ethereum or Ethereum Classic, or pay $3/month per rig as usual.

Ethereum Classic tweeted: “Paid users will pay for #HiveOS at the expense of a 3% commission for $ETC mining, while users with 2-4 rigs can still use Hive OS for free while mining ETC on #Hiveon pool. ICMYI: Hive OS Launches New #EthereumClassic Mining Pool.”

From now on the billing is set to be calculated with a 5-minute interval and users will be able to mine preferentially for the night tariff electricity with 5 or more rigs and are set to pay less in a day. If the worker was working only for 1 hour, the pay will be for 1 hour and not for the entire day.

Also, 4 free rigs are made available to those who mine Ethereum or Ethereum Classic on Hiveon Pool and to those who mine other coins.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted: “Ethereum Classic (ETC) miners hopefully are ready to move ahead with mining after the new changes in the billing. The show should move on.”

The good thing is that miners are paid for every valid share which they submit to the pool. More settings and statistics are getting added soon.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Growing Numbers of Projects

There are increasing numbers of projects which are getting built on the ETC network. This in turn contributes to the growing possibilities to build more of crypto projects.

Ethereum Classic tweeted: “When projects built on top of Ethereum Classic are growing, it’s positive for both the project itself and the underlying blockchain. So great to see the @commonwealth_gg team expand!”

The, a global savings fund, who claim to be the largest DeFi on the Ethereum Classic Network, began in 2018 and their ERC20 is $WLTH. They are welcoming those who are willing to work on their project or to receive a WLTH grant for a project to approach them.

Several such projects are contributing to the overall growth of the ETC ecosystem. There is always a need for new contributors and new ideas.

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