DFE Mainnet Now Integrated to Enjin DApp Browser

By July 9, 2020DApps
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DFE Mainnet Now Integrated to Enjin DApp Browser 1

We are delighted to announce that the DFE mainnet has been integrated to the Enjin dApp browser. This integration means that any users of the Enjin wallet app can interact with the DFE mainnet and start trading from within the user interface. Furthermore, the Enjin wallet supports ERC223 tokens, offering secure storage, and creating more liquidity for DGTX tokens.

What is Enjin?

For the benefit of the uninitiated, Enjin is a long-established gaming network based in Singapore. It allows users to customize their own gamer forums, offering support for digital marketplaces, chat, and e-commerce. As a company, Enjin has been around since 2009 and has accrued 20 million users worldwide.

In 2017, Enjin launched a successful ICO, raising $18.9 million through the sale of its Enjin Coin (ENJ). The company started developing a range of blockchain products allowing anyone to manage, explore, and distribute blockchain assets.

Enjin has now developed its platform into a full-featured wallet, dapp browser, and marketplace. It’s also integrated exchange functionality via services include Bancor and Kyber Network. The wallet app is completely secure, giving users control over their own private keys, with dual encryption and a keyboard that Enjin developers built from scratch to prevent malicious tactics such as keystroke logging.

The company has made some impressive achievements over recent years. In 2019, news emerged that Samsung was integrating the Enjin wallet into its flagship Galaxy S10 smartphone.

What Does the Integration Mean for Digitex?

Enjin’s integration of the DFE mainnet means that Enjin users can access the DFE and start trading within the wallet app. If they’re also using the Enjin wallet to store their DGTX, they can deposit to the mainnet or withdraw to the Enjin wallet, viewing their balances in the same user interface.

Given that Enjin also has a significant user base, the integration also makes Digitex more accessible to an even bigger audience. Although it has its roots in the gaming space, Enjin is also targeted at traders and developers. Therefore, we’re happy and proud to be integrated with the Enjin ecosystem.

5k New Users Onboarded Today!

We’re delighted to confirm that this week, we’ve onboarded a massive group of 5,000 new users! There are now 6,600 traders who can access the DFE mainnet, in our biggest increase to date. If you’re still waiting to get on the inside, then make sure you check your emails, including spam folders, to check if you’re among those we’ve contacted.

If you’re now trading on the mainnet, then make sure you also join the lively mainnet Telegram channel, where our trader community shares tips, insights, and advice.

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