YULI quantitative trading system innovates to create a blockchain financial product

By October 19, 2020DApps
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YU LI quantitative trading public chain is based on quantitative trading database construction and quantitative ecological technical services, providing data sharing and quantitative strategy sharing for global quantitative trading teams.

In recent years, the research and application of blockchain technology has shown an explosive growth trend, which is considered to be the fifth subversive innovation after the Internet financial revolution! Digital currency is the entrance to the blockchain world. In the future, everyone in the world will have their own digital assets. This is the trend of the next generation of mobile Internet era and also indicates that the arrival of the digital economy era is inevitable!

YU LI quantitative trading public chain is based on quantitative trading database construction and quantitative ecological technical services, providing data sharing and quantitative strategy sharing for global quantitative trading teams. YU LI provides multiple sets of quantitative strategy solutions and strategy development for professional quantitative teams, provides users with global professional quantitative teams and entrusted intelligent quantitative trading systems, and creates the most professional authorized entrusted trading services for customers who lack digital currency investment experience and have limited time. . YU LI's commercial application quantitative trading platform has more than 15,000 DAPP users, with a daily quantitative capital of more than 100 million, and the DAPP quantitative trading platform token is YULI. YU LI is an encrypted equity token issued by the British TiMax Fund for the development of the YU LI system and the sharing of value rights and interests. It is a Token with both circulation scenarios and equity proofs. In the circulation process, YU LI has actual consumption and service scenarios. In addition, it also has the functions of proof of equity and profit sharing:
1. Settlement of service fees for software and system use and lease;
2. Settlement of membership services and user training fees of the trading platform;
3. Reward service for outstanding IT developers;
4. Service settlement of the platform's civil war alliance partners;
5. The profit sharing certificate held by the user and the node certificate settlement
6. Community operation and promotion rewards;
7. Platform nodes and partner campaigns in cities around the world;

The scenarios where YU LI has actual value extend to multiple areas of actual value for circulation. Holders of YU LI can not only enjoy equivalent services and market value benefits, but also receive profit dividends from the YU LI system. It is also an important proof of rights and interests for participating in node elections, community governance, and voting resolutions.

In the later stage, YU LI will gradually evolve into a "securities-like equity" innovative model Token through the continuous increase of nodes, the expansion of business volume and the construction of financial system. YU LI TOKEN Excellent Standard Digital Laboratory is a service organization with blockchain and digital assets as the core formally initiated and established by the British TiMax Fund in 2018. It adheres to the tenet of "Technology empowers finance and service creates value". The industry provides services such as data analysis, industry research, system development, transaction management, offline experience, and financial circulation. Reached strategic partnerships with many organizations and won unanimous praise from users. The establishment of a global "digital transaction service platform" initiated by the token economy node model further provides powerful scene-based services for user connections and market breadth. The system and products built by the node are all "modularized" and can be efficiently replicated globally In each city node, contribute incremental value and empowerment to the industry. At the same time, the YU LI quantitative trading platform provides users with hundreds of professional quantitative teams. Users can view the historical records of each quantitative team, and each quantitative team is ranked according to the profit rate (week, month, quarter, six months, year) for users Refer to the selection for API empowerment to be quantified.

Intelligent realization of high-frequency trading, pioneering futures trading, transaction mining and other aspects of arbitrage, YU LI has many smart contract technologies, combined with its own high-performance nodes to provide strong support for digital assets, and promote the application and development of digital assets. By supporting multiple types of blockchain assets, YU LI provides secure solutions, unified storage, management and quantitative trading of mainstream digital assets, fully masters their digital assets and effectively promotes the practical application of digital assets.

YULI is committed to creating an all-round ecological community of exchange + platform currency, and its token YU LI can be directly exchanged with other mainstream currencies or exchanged for mall products, life payment, travel abroad, real estate purchase, etc. on the platform. YU LI provides users with multiple security guarantees for digital asset storage and appreciation schemes; for digital asset management of different scales, it provides multiple signature technical guarantees and two-step authorization verification. Users can choose mobile phone verification codes, fingerprints and other verification methods during transfer transactions to ensure the security of digital assets in multiple languages.

YULI will support multiple languages ​​in mainstream digital asset markets such as English and Chinese. Based on the development of smart contracts and cross-chain gateways and cross-smart contract technologies, risk-free digital asset transaction services and high-frequency quantitative transactions are realized. Through a unique digital asset high-frequency quantitative trading network, YULI is connected to the API of international exchanges to provide users with simple, convenient and safe value-added trading services.

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