Tezos (XTZ) Going Great with New developments and New Educational Materials for Blockchain Developer Community

By October 21, 2020DApps
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Claude Brade expressed, did you know Ligo can help you make your Michelson better? He has a new tutorial about Michelson interoperability in Ligo!

Claude published in medium thus “Ligo is a fantastic tool that makes working with Tezos smart contracts a lot easier. However, its ease of use means that the compiler takes care of the heavy lifting for you and may compile your code down to a format you may not want. This becomes particularly important with TZIP standards: these standards establish fixed Michelson structures that could make your code useless if you don’t respect them.” He has given a very simple example for users to get started with.

It is worth looking in to the methods because the article presents different ways of “thinking in Michelson” while programming with Ligo.

Tezos Commons recently tweeted: Join us for a Tezos AMA on Telegram featuring the esteemed Tezos indie dev, Claude Barde. Claude wears many hats in the Tezos ecosystem, he’s a Tezos dapp developer, technical writer, and a Michelson buff.”

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted: “Tezos (XTZ) never fails to educate. Their major plus is that they have regional clusters and each of them have their own methods of educating their community.”

There is an increase in the number of new developments in the Tezos Ecosystem. While it is crucial to highlight those that turned into viable products, the chief among them in the recent list were the ability to track the Tezos ecosystem growth with the BCD explorer.

Users opine that it is really useful as there is no more bookmarking smart contracts on Better Call Dev. However, yet another user clarified stating, we still have to bookmark some, they’re only highlighting “those turned into viable products”. Despite all it is still a beautiful addition.

Tezos (XTZ) Ukraine and India

Tezos Ukraine have made available the third chapter of the “Introduction to Tezos” training course and it is available in their website. In the next part they are focusing on Tezos CLI and how to use it for node deployment, wallet interactions, baking and delegation.

The overview of the training course on Tezos Blockchain and Ecosystem covers in the Introduction part “Blockchain. Main provisions, Tezos and its history, Tezos Foundation, main teams, Ecosystem, governance, voting, grants, Protocol, shell, Smart contracts, Michelson.”

In the Economic Protocol part they cover for, “General information, Transaction types, Consensus and protocol, Gas / Fee / Burn.” Tezos CLI it covers for “Deploy Nodes, Wallets, Baking, and Delegating.” Smart Contracts covers for “Ligo and SmartPy.”

Recently, Tezos India Fellowship Demo paved way to an 8-week intensive mentor-led program, has been an excellent event for the Tezos ecosystem in India.

Claude published in medium thus “Ligo […]

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