Ethereum Faucet : 4 Best (Free) ETH Faucets 2020

By October 30, 2020Ethereum
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An Ethereum faucet is a website that allows users to earn small amounts of Ether in exchange for completing a small task. Many find using an Ethereum faucet to be a quick and easy way to earn Ether (ETH) for free, especially among newer investors looking to earn free ETH in order to start trading cryptocurrencies.

In this article, we’ll look at:

  • How an Ethereum faucet works
  • How much you can earn from an Ethereum faucet
  • The best free Ethereum faucets to earn ETH

How Do Ethereum Faucets Work?

An Ethereum faucet operates on a model similar to traditional pay-per-click services, where anyone can click on a product advertisement or view a video advertisement in order to earn rewards.

The difference here is that instead of earning a free coupon to shop at your favourite store, users earn free Ethereum that they can save in their ETH wallet and spend at their leisure.

The five main types of Ethereum faucets available are:

1.Pay-per-action faucets: Users are rewarded for driving traffic to a website or actively interacting with an application.

2.Impression faucets: Users are rewarded when they view an advertisement or visit a website.

3.Email faucets: Users share their email address and consent to having said email address added to a database, and the reward is then sent to the email address shared.

4.Location faucets: Users are rewarded when they visit a particular location and scan a QR code.

5.Daily faucets: Platforms like Remitano rewards users for completing simple tasks such as sharing a post, coming up with a caption, or recording a short video.

Are Ethereum Free Faucets Worth It?

Using an Ethereum faucet is generally considered a ‘nothing to lose’ way to earn small units of Ether, especially for those with time to spare. The smallest units of Ether are called Gwei, similar to how small units of a dollar are called cents.

Faucets typically have preset time requirements for each task. For instance, a website may only allow you to perform X number of tasks within X period of time, or earn up to X amount of ETH on a particular day.

Here’s a sampling of such services to give you an idea of how much an Ethereum free faucet might pay and how much time you may need to spend in order to earn free ETH. 400 gwei 60 minutes 2250+ gwei 1 day 1000 gwei 60 minutes 500 gwei 2 minutes 1000 gwei 1 day 230 gwei 10 minutes 321 gwei 5 minutes 202 gwei 5 minutes 200 gwei 60 minutes

4 Best Ethereum Free Faucets

Every Ethereum faucet has its own reward and payout system. To make the most out of your experience using a faucet, make sure you’re aware of the service’s:

1.Minimum withdrawal: How many tasks must you complete or how much time must you spend before you can withdraw your rewards?

2.Withdrawal limits: Since faucets pay in tiny amounts, many opt to build up their rewards before cashing out — but some may only allow users to hold onto their rewards for a set time period or withdraw up to a certain amount.

3.Task limits: Some faucets may reduce rewards over time, some may reduce rewards in stages based on a user’s output, and some may reset a user’s rewards or tasks to zero if errors occur or if a user takes too long to meet the minimum requirements.

Without further ado, here are some of the most popular free Ethereum faucets right now:

A) Claim Free Coins

Claim Free Coins lets you do exactly what its name suggests: claim free Ethereum coins. The site allows users to claim up to 320 Gwei every five minutes. Aside from Ethereum, users can also complete tasks to claim seven other types of cryptocurrencies through the platform.

B) Fire Faucet

Fire Faucet offers users a wide variety of tasks that they can choose to undertake in order to earn some free ETH. The service has also found ways to gamify their rewards system by providing users with levels, bonuses, daily rewards, and other incentives. Fire Faucet has grown in popularity in part because of their pledge to show users only non-intrusive advertisements.

C) Free Faucet

Free Faucet helps users earn free ETH while discovering other new and exciting crypto projects. This site is easily one of the most popular free Ethereum faucets at the time of writing as it covers the gamut of faucet formats, allowing users to get free ETH through everything from surveys, email campaigns, and even location offers.

D) Faucet Dump

Faucet Dump helps users gain access to over 400 crypto faucets, covering a wide range of cryptocurrencies including Ethereum. The benefit of this is that after completing a task to earn free Ether, you can then find tasks to earn other free crypto coins while waiting for the next task to earn more Ether.

Are Free Ethereum Faucets Safe?

As with any activity on the internet, it is up to us to keep ourselves safe. Stay safe when using an Ethereum faucet by doing your due diligence and consider taking extra precautions such as:

  • Using a VPN to mask your IP address;
  • Clearing your browsing history and cache regularly; and
  • Checking your privacy settings often.


Of course, using an Ethereum faucet is only one of seven ways to earn free Ethereum. Or if you’re in a hurry, why not head over to Remitano where you can buy Ethereum instantly?

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