The Metatron Platform Provides Investors a High-Yield Option versus Traditional CDs

By November 14, 2020DApps
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More than a decade ago, the world — or at least some parts of it — witnessed an interesting discovery, one in the form of blockchain technology. At the time, the world was in the middle of a serious financial crisis which rocked the global economy.

Blockchain was birthed when Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin, the first peer-to-peer digital currency. Nakamoto built the Bitcoin blockchain as a distributed ledger for verifying and recording Bitcoin transactions. However, the blockchain space has grown considerably, right from the early days of ‘Bitcoin pizzas’ to its numerous real-world applications across virtually every industry.

Fast forward to now, and blockchain technology has taken the world by storm once again. Over the past year, we’ve witnessed firsthand the growing popularity of decentralized (or open) finance as it pushes to tackle key issues plaguing the traditional financial industry. The catchy term ‘DeFi’ is now a familiar presence in conversations revolving around cryptocurrencies and related subjects.

DeFi’s goal is simple: to open up the present closed financial system, allowing anyone, anywhere in the world to easily access financial products and services. Besides the ease of use, DeFi solutions are provided to everyday users in a decentralized, transparent, and trustless manner.

Through DeFi, traditional financial products (such as trading, lending and borrowing, investments, and CDs among others) can now be accessed in a blockchain environment. Smart Contracts on various blockchains help create the perfect secure, protected, and immutable environment for these financial products to bloom in the New Technological Era.

In case you’re left wondering what in the world a CD has to do with blockchain technology, it stands for “certificate of deposit” in this context secured by an immutable Smart Contract. Notably, the idea of blockchain-based CDs is fast becoming a reality. This is thanks to the Metatron Platform and its XM Token, a next-generation decentralized finance protocol built on the TRON blockchain.

In the traditional finance sector, certificates of deposit offer investors fixed, safe interest rates (that are usually higher than a bank account) over a set period of time. CDs allow savers to realize more returns on their deposits than savings, checking, or money market accounts, and the catch is the bank expects you to hold the full deposit until maturity of the term period. Generally, the larger the principal, and the longer the term, the higher the interest rate.

About Metatron Platform:

The Metatron Platform leverages Smart Contracts and the powerful TRON blockchain to offer investors blockchain-based CDs with the added benefit of security and transparency provided by Smart Contracts. By staking XM tokens in the Metatron Staking Portal, you’ll receive daily interest on your staked XM tokens (at a 5% APY) and also a share of the total amount of TRX in the Auction Lobby daily.

You can start earning daily interest on the Metatron DeFi Platform as a holder and staker of XM Tokens. If you don’t have any XM Tokens to stake, you can get some from the daily Auction Lobby on the Metatron Platform website. Moreover, the XM token will be listed on several crypto exchanges very soon, allowing users to purchase and trade XM Tokens against other popular cryptocurrencies.

Once you’ve gotten your XM Tokens, simply stake your tokens through the Staking Portal dApp on the Metatron Platform to start earning a yearly 5% interest plus daily dividends on your deposits in the form of TRX or TRON as well.

The Metatron DeFi Platform leverages the efficiency of the TRON blockchain to ensure XM Token transactions are processed quickly and at low cost, which equates to better rewards for XM Token stakers. Ultimately, the Metatron Platform will evolve into a fully-featured DeFi ecosystem through the addition of a yield farming protocol (XFarm) and an automated market maker (MetaSwap).

To learn more, visit the Metatron Platform online at, or contact them on their Telegram and Twitter channels.

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