More Tokens Than ETH Have Been Sent to the Deposit Contract

By November 15, 2020Ethereum
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Ethereum 2.0 shitcoin deposits surpass eth, Nov 2020

More people are willing to outright burn tokens than ‘risk’ depositing eth to stake on the new Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchain.

Some 83 different tokens have been sent, including BASED, FEW and 420 DUDE, as well as $340,000 worth of STAKE.

In total, $54 million has been deposited according to etherscan, but $50 million of it is UNIF, a dead coin with about $10 in trading volumes giving it a price of $1.

Enough to fool etherscan bots and surprise all in first impression as $38 million worth of eth has been deposited, but $54 million worth of burned tokens.

It just shows how cautious ethereans are being with depositing to stake on ethereum 2.0, it currently running at about 300 eth per hour.

Just 11,000 more eth has been sent since yesterday, bringing the total at 84,000 eth, far less than the 524,000 required.

That’s with just about a week to go until November 24th, by which if the eth minimum is met, then the genesis block launches on December the first.

If the eth minimum is not met, then the genesis block launches seven days after the minimum is met. At the current rate, that would be sometime in early February.

The chief reason for this hesitation appears to be the fact that the eth could be locked for years until the current Proof of Work (PoW) chain merges into PoS, so finally launching full Proof of Stake for ethereum.

The uncertainty regarding when that might happen appears to have ethereans reluctant to deposit, more so even than the shitcoiners who are burning their tokens.

Gimmickly, yes, but if it was up to these shitcoiners the minimum would have probably been met by now, while eth toffs are sitting there twirling their mustaches like pretty girls.

Not that it matters now. The process has been initiated. So it’s just watching it progress as the phase zero launch is pretty much imminent.

Some 83 different tokens have been sent, including […]

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