The Ethereum-based Dapp that seeks to revolutionize crypto gambling!

By November 15, 2020DApps
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EarnBet is an online decentralized casino operating on the Wax chain. It recently shifted from the EOS chain to Wax Chain as a result of the state of emergency which the EOS chain had.

The casino is fully decentralized and its smart contracts can be viewed to verify the house edge of the casino by clicking here. The casino is fully licensed by Gaming Curacao and requires no KYC. It is a game-changer in the sense that no online casino EVER can compete with the low house edge that EarnBet offers-which is 0.5%. The casino offers 5 games such as Dice, Blackjack, Crash, etc, and a jackpot that is currently over $73K!

The casino hopes to revolutionize online gambling and is ambitious in the sense that it seeks to be your casino of choice. Imagine an online decentralized casino that offers sports betting, slots, live poker, and much more! One wouldn't even feel the need to go back to traditional gambling. Check out the casino's recent developments here.

The ongoing unprecedented circumstances have given rise to online businesses and EarnBet is one such example that is thriving during such circumstances. It is highly addictive and even gives you the vibe of a casino. It has a weekly giveaway to the top 50 bettors and offers yield farming on every wager! No casino is so generous and offers all of this.

To those that say gambling is unethical, well, going on a 100x leverage is more of a gamble than gambling on EarnBet itself. One would be more likely to win on a 50/50 roll-on EarnBet's dice game; not to mention the gamble on EarnBet would be instant!

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