Dappradar annual report: overview of DAPP ecological development and challenges in 2020

By January 3, 2021DApps
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2020 Beginning of the year ,DeFi It has become the driving force of the blockchain industry . While other blockchain projects still lack developer support and interoperability , Ethereum is ready for growth . However , This growth is not without signs .

3 Mid month , A novel coronavirus pneumonia has swept the world , The prices of traditional markets and cryptocurrencies have fallen sharply , Seriously affected MakerDAO Of DAI Stable currency anchor 1 The exchange rate of the US dollar ,MakerDAO Close to collapse , Fortunately, the power of the community keeps it going .

2020 The second key trend of the year is income farming .Compound Successfully released COMP Tokens, , Together with its incentive model, it has proved to be an excellent user access channel .

Various DeFi DApp Start releasing tokens and incentives quickly , Other developers build meta protocols to maximize benefits . meanwhile ,NFT Other categories, such as collections and games, also adopt the model .

Overall speaking , stay DeFi and NFT DApp Most of the tokens released in are governance tokens . First , It allows the community to participate DApp The decision . secondly , The governance mechanism is another big step towards real decentralization .

The hype around income farming has also exposed many problems . One of them is user retention .Uniswap The leading position of the so-called Vampire DApp —— SushiSwap I've been shaken by this , This proves that user retention is one of the keys to success .

The increase in activity in Ethereum brings another problem —— Extensibility . Costly gas Fay's down on low value DApp Activities , Especially games , stay 5 Month to 8 It's down between months 90% above . In turn, , This also creates opportunities for Ethereum's layer 2 network solution and competitors' layer 1 blockchain .

Attacks and exploits against smart contracts also prove that the industry is still in the experimental stage , So there are insurance products , Insurance may become an essential part of the healthy development of the industry .

Last , Protocols and developers are beginning to realize that working in isolation may not be the best way to fight competition . There were some important mergers at the end of the year , This kind of merger may look like 2021 The main trend in .

Be careful :DeFi Ecosystem refers to decentralized finance and decentralized exchanges DApp;NFT Market refers to collectibles and trading markets, etc DApp.

The main points of

2020 It was a record year for the blockchain industry .DApp More than 2,700 Billion dollars , among 95% From Ethereum DeFi The ecological system .

DAppRadar Tracking the head of Ethereum DApp, Total lock up (TVL) And the total lock volume after adjustment (aTVL) Reach respectively 2020 The highest number of years in history 130 $and 110 Billion dollars .

2020 year , share 238 A new DeFi DApp towards DAppRadar Submit . among 106 individual ( Proportion 45%) Running on the Ethereum chain .

2020 year , share 1,353 A new DApp towards DAppRadar Submit . among 424 individual ( Proportion 32%) Running on the Ethereum chain .

Scalability is not about 2020 The only challenge facing this year .DApp Increasing usage leads to a variety of exploitable vulnerabilities and hacker attacks , The amount of loss exceeds 1.2 Billion dollars .

After the implementation of the income farming incentive plan ,NFT market Rarible The number of active wallets in 2020 year 9 Month from about 200 The number has soared to more than 1,500 individual .

NFT In the market 2020 This year has shown great potential , Many of its transactions are worth more than 100,000 dollar .

DeFi DApp stay 2020 Through the distribution of governance tokens, it established the real foundation of the road to decentralization , Although the actual implementation of the concept of decentralization has yet to be confirmed .

2020 The challenge of

Scalability issues

2019 year , More and more new DApp. most important of all DeFi,NFT And games DApp, They promote 2020 This year's activities . As expected , Most of the activities are focused on the Ethereum blockchain .

2020 Year is DApp A year of trying to grow at all costs . Of course , There are consequences , Such as Ethereum gas The fee goes up .

Gas The first wave of price increases is due to Ethereum Tether USDT The use of stable currency has increased , Plus from several high-risk DApp Activities , The Internet is full of junk trading .

The second wave and 2020 Keep pace with the latest trends of the year —— Income farming . At the peak of trading , The average transaction cost exceeds 50 dollar .

Overall speaking , Ethereum has repeatedly touched the ceiling of scalability . The etheric fang 2.0 The arrival of Ethereum is not only critical to ensure Ethereum's leadership , Just as important for their survival .

Growing competition

2019 year , The main competitors for Ethereum's dominant position are EOS And wave field , It's not just these agreements that 2020 There was a lot of activity in the year , Poca (Polkadot) Heqianan smart chain (BSC) And other projects are also rising rapidly .

without doubt , With DeFi The explosion of categories ,EOS And the wave field 2020 I've been catching up with the heat all year . Ethereum is established in the wave field DApp Replica , these DApp Started to contribute a lot of activity . Wave field DeFi In ecosystem , Every day there are more than 17,000 An independent wallet is active .

EOS A little slower , Current activity is caused by DeFi In addition to other categories DApp The dominant . For all that ,EOS DeFi The ecosystem still has about 4,000 An independent wallet is active .

2020 year , More Ethereum competitors online . for example ,Cardano, Poca 、 Coin security smart chain 、Cosmos、Near and Flow. Although so far , Only a few projects are active in these blockchains .

In terms of the products launched , Coin security smart chain (BSC) Leading position . In the push out head BSC DApp In just three months , The number of independent active wallets per day is about 10,000 individual .

lead BSC The purpose of the development project is PancakeSwap, The number of active wallets per day is 3,300 individual . Although this number is still higher than Ethereum DEX Uniswap Eight times lower , PancakeSwap Have more than SushiSwap or Balancer And other head Ethereum DApp Have more active users .

Other projects are still in the deployment phase , and Cardano It will be the first to be announced recently DeFi project —— Liqwid.Cardano Smart contracts have not been deployed , But according to CoinGecko call , As the top ten items in market value ,Cardano It's an important competitor .

Although no projects have been launched yet , But poca is also on the cusp of launching the ecosystem against Ethereum . The deal has attracted media attention and new investors , for example KR1 and RockX,RockX We started a project 2,000 Million dollar investment plan , To support projects on Boca .

Another Ethereum challenger is Cosmos, It is Tendermint Create an independent blockchain decentralized network on the consensus layer . Even though Cosmos It's still in the early stages of deployment , But the coin chain 、OKChain and Akash And so on are already in use Cosmos 了 .

Flow It's another one with DApp The game is more compatible with competitors , And hopefully it will become a fast , Decentralized and developer friendly blockchain . so far , Some of the world's top developers and big brands have joined in , for example NBA Top Shot、Animoca and Ubisoft.

Smart contract loopholes

Even though DeFi All kinds of indicators in 2020 It's a record year , But it turns out ,DeFi It's still a very fragile ecosystem . Especially in uncensored smart contracts , There are many ways to attack 、 Exploitable vulnerabilities and program failures , Even audited smart contracts have problems .

MakerDAO As the most important DApp One of them is 2020 Have stood the severe test for years .3 Mid month , The rapid decline in the price of money has had a serious impact MakerDAO Of DAI Stable currency anchor 1 The exchange rate of the US dollar , And then it almost collapsed MakerDAO In the maintenance of the community .

YAM It's a program that only 24 Projects that attract a lot of attention within hours . The project collapsed quickly in two days ,YAM From the price of the token 200 The dollar has plummeted to 1.04 dollar .

2020 year DApp The overall increase in usage has also led to more and more attacks and vulnerabilities being exploited . To 2020 end of the year , The total value of such events has exceeded 1.2 Billion dollars , This makes insurance products an increasingly important topic in this field , We predict , It could be an insurance product DeFi The key and necessary component of the healthy development of the industry .

Centralized and decentralized insurance schemes are emerging . for example ,yInsure Of NFT As a new kind of trade goods, insurance token has attracted people's attention . The industry seems ready to 2021 Further research on insurance scheme .

Another interesting example is audit firms CertiK.CertiK Developed a membership service , Enable participants to be compensated when attacked .

The deployment and attention of such projects is increasing , To some extent, it proves that insurance will be the next important DeFi Ecosystem subcategories .

High yield is accompanied by high risk

2020 year , People are right. DeFi There is an increasing interest in application and income farming .

Multiple DApp With a fairly high yield , But high returns come with risks .

There are many cases in this year , Users lose a lot of money in pure scams and frauds . Besides , Even though there are risks involved DApp stay DAppRadar Is classified as high risk DApp, But we're starting to see that the level of risk is blurring .

HEX The project in 2019 year 12 Monthly online , Long term bitcoin supremacy ( It's also called the Bitish religion ) Richard Smart The dominant .

HEX What's unique about , It's not a drum game or a typical pyramid pyramid game with high risk DApp. Most are high risk DApp Only survived for less than three months , And it's been active for more than half a year .

And other high risks DApp Dissimilarity ,HEX Combine its token with long-term high return pledge mechanism and strong member marketing , It's more like an attempt to aggressively lead a new cryptocurrency and community practice . User use ETH As principal in exchange for HEX Tokens, , And receive both local currency and HEX Interest paid . therefore ,HEX The high risk factors are limited to HEX Within the range of token price fluctuation .HEX The price of the token is 2020 There was a lot of volatility during the year . Although the current value does not exceed 0.0044 dollar , But in 2020 It happened in 2100% The amazing growth of .

User retention

2020 The rapid growth of this year also highlights the importance of user retention from another perspective . As mentioned earlier , In the long run , And DApp The number of independent active wallets that smart contracts interact with is a key indicator of success .

Uniswap stay 2020 It's a decentralised exchange (DEX) The leader of the category . however , Another project planned a sneak attack , This is it. SushiSwap, Such a so-called Vampire DApp The release of 2020 It made headlines in the middle of the year , Essentially Sushiswap Use incentives to get users from Uniswap Transfer liquidity .

The vampire strategy worked for weeks , But in 9 Mid month ,Uniswap There was a counterattack , Airdropped to its current and past users UNI Governance token . Before we found out Uniswap While restoring leadership , Also recognize that this event illustrates the vulnerability of users , And it's easy to be driven by the temptation of interests .

stay 2020 year , The idea of development at all costs is for the whole blockchain industry and all DApp It's exciting and challenging . However , Through people's dedication and perseverance , The industry has found a path to success , Witness many of the highest levels of data in history .

Development at all costs

from DAppRadar tracking 16 From all the indicators of a blockchain , The blockchain industry is in 2020 There was a huge increase in .

The number of independent active wallets has increased 466%, from 2019 At the end of 58,000 One grows to 2020 At the end of 200,000 about . Trading volume has increased 1178%, from 2019 Year of 210 Billion dollars to 2020 Year of 2700 Billion dollars .

On the other hand , Growth is highly concentrated in a few DApp in . The top ten DeFi DApp That accounts for the transaction volume of Ethereum 87%, stay 2020 The annual turnover is 2,230 Billion dollars .

Ethereal DeFi The ecosystem is the total lock in (TVL) The main driving force of , And DAppRadar Track the total lock volume after adjustment (aTVL) Together in 2020 It reached the highest level in history , Respectively 130 $and 110 Billion dollars .

95% The increase in trading volume of Ethereum comes from DeFi application

DeFi yes 2020 year DApp The main driver of growth , Total lock up (TVL)、 Number of independent active wallets (UAW) And trading volume are the main indicators . It's also a hot topic on news channels and social networks , The peak of interest in the discussion is 2020 year 4 The month and 2020 year 9 Month appears .

Ethereum's ecosystem took the lead in developing and maturing , And competitors are trying to catch up .

The wave field is the first one in DeFi The blockchain of catching up and Surpassing in ecosystem . so far , Wave field networks already have 70 Multiple DApp, Most of the activities are concentrated in the top three . Daily use USWAP、JustSwap and UME The number of independent wallets is as high as 5000 Multiple , Occupy the whole DeFi Of the total amount of ecosystem activity 70%.

Coin security smart chain (BSC) It's another fast-growing agreement , Within a few months of its release, about 30 Billion dollars of trading volume . And Ethereum's annual numbers (2560 Billion dollars ) comparison , It's still a relatively small number , But close to the wave field (36 Billion dollars ) and EOS (65 Billion dollars ) The number of .

Ethereal DeFi The ecosystem is in 2020 One of the main drivers of annual growth is the hype around income cultivation and token distribution .

Income farming promotes DeFi Ecological activities

Income farming was originally developed by Synthetix introduce , and Compound And COMP The token made it popular . so to speak ,Compound Release COMP The governance token triggered a chain reaction across the industry .

COMP: Within a week ,UAW ( Number of independent active wallets ) from 300 Add to 2,700 (+800%).

BAL: Within a week ,UAW from 200 Add to 650 (+225%).

CRV: Within a week ,UAW from 1000 Add to 4,100 (+310%).

Sushi: Within a week ,UAW from 10 Add to 7,100 (+70,900%).

UNI: stay 24 Within hours ,UAW from 30,000 Add to 71,000 (+137%).

8 End of month ,SushiSwap The release of the DeFi The ecological system . The project from Uniswap Start on the basis of , The aim is to move its liquidity . In return , To motivate users to migrate , The agreement distributed Sushi Tokens, . To 2020 year 9 month , The transaction volume of this project exceeds 60 Billion dollars .

Uniswap There was a counterattack , To all the past and present with Uniswap Interactive wallet airdrop 400 UNI, To each user 400 individual UNI Tokens, , Hours after the airdrop , They are worth about 1200 dollar .

therefore Uniswap Trading volume peaked in an instant , stay 9 The month created 330 Billion dollars of trading volume , Almost... Of the total volume 60%.

In general , Income farming and governance token issuance for other DApp Templates are provided , Let other projects start to understand how to motivate blockchain users .

The road to true decentralization

All of the above DApp All in 2020 The governance token was released in , In theory , Holders can vote to distribute the fees collected by the platform to themselves as income .

Curve It was the first to pay dividends to token holders DApp One of , The development of other platforms is just as interesting . lately ,Compound and Uniswap The community voted on a proposal , The proposal will enable ecosystems to use governance tokens as project funds to pay contributors . If it can be achieved , This will be Ethereum DeFi Two key steps on the path to ecosystem decentralization .

Rising yields encourage bitcoin to flow into Ethereum

In terms of market value , Bitcoin is still the number one cryptocurrency in the world , It also means that you didn't enter Ethereum before DeFi A lot of liquidity in the field .

The smooth integration of the two is an important step in bringing bitcoin holders into Ethereum's network activities .

Rising yields are the main incentive for bitcoin to flow into Ethereum .wBTC Is the leading provider of token bitcoin on Ethereum , And there are more cases .

Although hosting based solutions are leading the competition , Unmanaged solutions have been raising money and launching .renBTC At present, it is the leading unmanaged token bitcoin in Ethereum .

Accurate measurement DeFi Activities —— aTVL

2020 Beginning of the year , A new indicator is called measurement DeFi The standard approach to ecosystem growth . Total lock up (TVL) It's the main indicator of growth , Usually in dollars , It's used to measure DApp Asset value in smart contract . Usually assets are locked in to provide liquidity for activities .

The total lock volume is usually quoted in US dollars . therefore , In smart contracts, the price of locked assets has a greater impact on the total locked volume than the number of locked assets .

2020 year ,DAppRadar Put forward a new index : Adjust the lock volume (aTVL), This problem has been solved effectively . With the price of Ethereum and other counterfeit coins going up , Adjusting the lock volume will reflect the real growth of the assets stored in the smart contract .

Besides , Number of independent active wallets (UAW) Indicators can show whether the activity is driven by multiple users or by a single whale . Besides , It can show whether there is a wider community involvement .

2020 year 12 month 17 Data collection day , source :DAppRadar

DeFi Team merger

Another important trend is 2020 At the end of the year . Several statements announced that some projects were planning to merge . for example ,Yearn Finance stay 2020 Year is different from at least five different DeFi Project cooperation or merger :SushiSwap、Akropolis、Cover、Cream and Pickle.

Each project focuses on a specific direction , But every project has encountered many difficulties in the face of competition . Many of these mergers are more like developer acquisition strategies ,Yearn Pick a development team that might be in trouble .

Mergers are very common in traditional markets , And this is the first merger done in a decentralized market . The merger may be for other DApp Provide examples and drive to follow the trend .

Overall speaking , In recent years ,DeFi The ecosystem has made remarkable progress ,2020 This result was particularly remarkable in 2005 . Besides , so to speak DeFi Ecosystems create blueprints for other types of development . expect DeFi It will soon promote NFT Market and DApp Further value transfer of the game .

The foundation of growth

DeFi It's the infrastructure of the crypto economy , What follows is NFT And the game industry has begun to adopt DeFi Model to develop .Rarible It's the first to introduce governance tokens RARI To motivate users and provide liquidity for mining NFT platform , And the game uses DeFi It creates value and liquidity for the game making model .

2020 year NFT To promote the DApp growth

In the past few months , Homogenization around games and art (NFT) The hype has begun to grow .2020 There were a lot of tokens in , Provides different functions , For example, governance or application , But they all work towards the same goal of user access .

Rarible It was the first to provide token farming NFT trading platform , Soon it was widely accepted by users , Added the active index of the platform .

In the rush hour ,Rarible The daily trading volume exceeds 150 Thousands of dollars . That number has fallen recently , The main reason for the introduction of the platform is , Help reduce the amount of brush trading , Keep users honest .

Another case of token governance is the most popular DApp game Axie Infinity.Axie Announce launch ANX Tokens, , It's bound to affect the game and Axie Marketplace Trading platform activities ,NFT Sales soared immediately , The number of independent active wallets increased to 800 about .

On the other hand , The most famous NFT One of the markets OpenSea No tokens have yet been distributed . For all that , The platform proves that even after a temporary decline in user loyalty , It can also attract and retain users quite quickly , It may depend on the user experience and OpenSea What we already have .

To 2020 year ,DeFi and NFT The connection between them becomes more and more obvious . lately , A group called NFTfi The platform allows users to lock NFT Borrowing cryptocurrency as collateral .

for example , Now we can put NFT Artwork ,Axie Infinity A piece of land or CryptoPunk The collection is used as collateral for borrowing money .

NFT Sales show real potential

NFT Trading volume is still relatively small , stay 2020 Approaching year 6,300 Thousands of dollars , Of the total amount of transactions in all categories 0.02%. lately ,Sorare and CryptoPunks etc. DApp Medium NFT Sales prove the true potential of the category .

Sorare Want to be a leader in digital sports collections , lately Kylian Mbappé The price of the card is 116.15 ETH, exceed 64,000 dollar , Become 2020 One of the most expensive collectibles deals of the year .

so to speak ,CryptoPunks stay 3 By introducing unique and limited NFT Art started this trend . according to Larva Labs Before 60 Sales leaderboards ,CryptoPunks During the operation period, the sales volume reached an amazing amount , Every CryptoPunk The price of is 21 To 185 ETH.

Interestingly , There have been two big deals in the past two months , Two of them Punk Each with more than 63,000 and 63,000 and 71,000 Sell at a price of .

Axie Infinity Of NFT stay 2020 Completed several super large transactions in . throughout 2020 Top ten sales in , Two of them are more than 13 Ten thousand dollars sum 9.7 Thousands of dollars . in general ,Axie yes 2020 year NFT Big deal leader .

WAX establish NFT hinge

Ethereum is not the only experience NFT Blockchain with soaring popularity . Since its establishment ,WAX Blockchain has always focused on brand cooperation NFT Content delivery . stay WAX On , The first five main NFT Sales sold out in record time , And will NFT Delivered to thousands of users .

stay 2020 During the year ,WAX Not only have we released some very successful NFT project , For example, the iconic Garbage Pail Kids Topps The card , It also introduces a new token economy model into the blockchain industry .

In short ,WAX Hope will be in WAX The economic value created in Ethereum DeFi The ecological system . More precisely , Use WAX What you're good at —— establish , Sell and Trade NFT, Connect the resulting value to Ethereum .

Even though WAX Upper NFT The market is still relatively small , But their status and expertise in specific categories are likely to be another big incentive for future industry growth .


2020 For years DApp The game has been a challenging year , Especially for games running on the Ethereum chain .

stay 2020 Beginning of the year , In terms of the number of independent active wallets , Games are the biggest category . In its heyday, there was about 10,000 An independent active wallet . Due to DeFi The demand for applications leads to Ethereum gas Rise in price , To 2020 year 8 month , The number of wallets in this category has been reduced to less than 1,000 individual , Since then, it has been recovering slowly .

The main reason for the decline is DApp Game users are not willing to pay such a high fee for the usual simple and low-cost transfer , And those who transfer millions of assets are willing to pay gas fee .

This downward trend provides an ideal catch-up time for other blockchains . for example , New bifurcated Hive The agreement has maintained a strong position in terms of the number of independent active wallets . This is the main driving force for Splinterlands, It's currently the number one blockchain game , More than 6,000 A separate wallet .

EOS Currently in the lead in the game category . Although user activity comes from only a few separate DApp, namely Upland and Crypto Dynasty, These two games are constantly promoting EOS The growth of . To 2020 year , Accounting for EOS Total number of active wallets per day in the game category 42% and 16%.

EOS Land trading game Upland stay 2020 It has been growing and developing in recent years , Recently launched Tilia Pay, Allow players to cash the income of virtual land transaction into legal money . Not long after , The game wants to allow users through its virtual company ( for example , Art Gallery 、 Nurseries and car dealers ) To sell NFT

We think ,Upland It's a good positive example of a blockchain game that makes money . Good user experience and most of the blockchain features hidden in the background make this game very popular .

Crypto Dynasty ( Encryption Dynasty ) It's another money making game , It's been very popular in the last two years , At the same time EOS Activities on the blockchain . at present ,Crypto Dynasty The number of independent active wallets is at least three times lower than at the peak , There are still appointments every day 1,500 An active wallet .

It is worth noting that , The recent observed decline can be attributed to game updates and downtime . Besides , We expect the numbers to be in 2021 It's stable again .

EOS and Hive It's not the only blockchain that has an impact on the game industry , Tier 1 and tier 2 network solutions are also looking for a place .

Matic yes DAppRadar Tracking is one of the most popular tier 2 solutions , The number of independent active wallets per day is 300 about , That's not too high, but it's still compelling , The biggest contributor is 0xUniverse.

As mentioned earlier ,Flow It's another competitor who sets up his website as a game category .Flow It's a one tier solution , It's characterized by speed , De centralization , Easy to develop . With NBA Top Shot、Animoca and Ubisoft And so on , We expect 2021 This blockchain will bring more competition .

Money making game mode

Costly gas The cost is 2020 Almost killed the game on Ethereum in , Despite the recent upturn , But the main reason behind the growth is the rise of the money game model .

Money game (play-to-earn) The pattern is DApp The latest trends in the game industry , This business model embraces the concept of an open economy , And provide economic benefits to any participants who bring value to the project .

Axie Infinity It is one of the first blockchain games to introduce the money making mode . for example , Players can use Axie Play a game , Improve its function and in Axie Marketplace (Axie market ) Or other similar platforms .2020 year , There are many reports that players get sustainable income from the game .

It can be seen as an investment opportunity , at present , The daily number of independent active wallets of the game is about 2,500 individual .2020 year 11 In the first ten days of the month AXS After the token , The new wave is driving the game .

The mode of making money by playing games is not limited to these types of games DApp game , In another subcategory of Ethereum games —— It's also very common in the virtual world .

Ethereum's virtual world

at present , Most virtual worlds DApp It's all focused on the Ethereum network . image Decentraland、MegaCryptoPolis、The Sandbox and Cryptovoxels Projects like this have made it possible to create an entire universe on the blockchain . These universes contain real estate , thing , Wearing goods , Artwork , Group work, etc , Enable users to interact in a virtual environment and own items . Besides , these DApp Creating opportunities to participate in and profit from the virtual economy .

for example ,MegaCryptoPolis Allow users to build buildings ( For example, the office ) And rent it out to other users , The wallet will gain game assets , Can be easily exchanged for game tokens $MEGA. Other worlds are more like virtual art galleries , It's a concert , The location of an exhibition or festival .

The user experience of these games is still very limited , But it's still evolving , Obviously , Developers have big plans for their world . At present, it enables users to experience the virtual blockchain world in depth and make money at the same time .

Although most user activity in the virtual world is still event driven , But these DApp It can generate a lot of trading volume , Impressive .

overall , Most of the activities are obviously very focused on the Ethereum blockchain , And scalability issues make certain categories and individuals DApp It's hard to survive .

For all that , To mitigate the risk of such activities in a particular blockchain , Interoperability or cross chain bridging can be 2021 The key to success in .

2020 summary

Overall speaking ,2020 It's been an incredible year . Despite the challenge of a global pandemic , Blockchain applications still emerge as the times require . The pandemic seems to be drawing more and more attention to decentralized solutions , For example, the basic income of the whole people and the globally distributed database management system .

Ethereum dominates the pattern and maintains a strong leadership position , But new competitors are also 2020 In order to compete for the crown . The etheric fang 2.0 The advent of the new era has become crucial to maintaining leadership .

without doubt ,2020 It's a year of decentralization of financial services and products , In spite of all kinds of DApp The categories have skyrocketed , The headlines always belong to DeFi. expectation 2021 year , We expect DeFi Will compare 2020 To exert greater influence in .

It can be expected that ,DeFi Ecosystems will not only serve NFT And games , Also for socializing 、 Logistics and other DApp Categories form the basis of the encryption economy .NFT Market applications continue to set annual records , This shows that , As new synergies are discovered , Developers start to work together to solve problems and compete with competitors . Mergers and acquisitions in 2020 The end of the year has become a trend , And hopefully not only in DApp And will continue throughout the blockchain industry .

The data shows that coin an intelligent chain will become an important competitor of Ethereum in the future , Started on this blockchain DApp In just a few months, the sustained development momentum has aroused widespread concern .

In the game and NFT In category ,Flow And a very promising competitor . expectation 2021 year , It's going to be our next challenge to capture and retain users , It is also a key indicator of these two just started blockchains .

Last , Although regulation is not the subject of this overview , But there is no doubt that it will be in the future 2021 Years seem to be crucial . New rules and regulations may affect the way smart contracts work , The industry will be hit for a while , Regulation may even comprehensively challenge the current blockchain infrastructure .

Some important points

by 2020 Blockchain and DApp Add a little energy to the field , We invited some partners and the media to interview them about 2020 The year and the year ahead .

Be careful : The following is my personal opinion only , Do not represent DAppRadar Official opinion .

Aleksander Leonard Larsen —— Axie Infinity Founder and COO

2020 The year is so far Axie Infinity The best year , Since the beginning of the year , Our user base has grown 700% above . without doubt ,Small Love Potions It's the biggest success for us , Many players' lives have changed as a result , It's amazing .

about Axie Come on ,2021 Years will be even better , We're going to make a major update to the combat system , The land game will be officially released , And use our Ronin Side chain to expand . The secret weapon is, of course Axie Infinity Shards, It can make our products grow rapidly .

Tim Copeland —— Decrypt News editor

The wide adoption of institutional bitcoin is a feature of this year , There are mainly bitcoin trusts , and MicroStrategy Wait for companies to buy bitcoin directly . In my submission , Since so many rich people have so many bitcoins , So how bitcoin will develop will be a very interesting thing .

In Ethereum , It has made technological improvements and started moving towards Ethereum 2.0 A big step forward , also DeFi It broke out this year . How much innovation can be made on this blockchain platform is very interesting . But on the other hand, it's worth mentioning , A lot of money has been invested in experimental smart contracts , A lot of hackers have caused many investors to suffer huge losses . The industry is growing at an amazing rate , Nothing seems to stop it .

Next year is likely to see more regulatory battles . Since so many institutional investors and companies are exposed to bitcoin , Regulators may see more reasons to be involved . They've been quite active this year , Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) It's a blow ICO And the proposed bill , for example 《 The stability act 》. But it's cryptocurrency , So it's very unpredictable .

Sebastien Borget – The Sandbox Founder and COO

2020 This year proved that players are eager to experience the Internet games , More interested in the virtual world than ever before ,Minecraft Only in 8 Month has 1.24 Billion active users . Some of the activities in the game , for example Travis Scott Of Fortnite The concert was influenced by 1,200 Welcome to thousands of players ,Roblox The market value of our stock is estimated to be 80 Billion dollars , Shows the potential of the game .

Although these successes are built on their communities , They didn't bring any benefits to the players , Because the economy of the game lies in the Siege , The purchased items are locked inside . stay 2021 year , This will change .

stay 2021 Beginning of the year , We're going to launch our season system to make money by playing games , At the same time, we will release the first playable Beta edition . Players in the game's 166,464 individual LAND ( By players and Atari Wait for investors to have ) Items earned in can be transferred to other LANDS, With 「SAND」( Cryptocurrency for the game ) To trade or sell . because NFT It's traceable and limited , So the value of goods is based on scarcity .

In the virtual world , We can design new models , Promote community participation and provide more value in a meaningful way , We haven't explored interoperability yet , It has the potential to release millions NFT The great potential of the true value of .

It's just a game , There is still a lot of room for growth , For example, around governance , Pledge and DeFi Test of . be based on NFT Last month's groundbreaking sales of encryption art and games suggest 2021 Further growth in .

Han Kao —— Crypto Briefing Founder and CEO

If I summarize it in one word 2020 year , That will yes Bittersweet ( There is sweetness in bitterness ). Unfortunately , The global pandemic highlights the digital economy . As people and activities move to the network , And the government wants to fund the recovery of the economy , The arguments raised in the crypto community are starting to resonate with more readers .

On a global scale , People have to deal with some very difficult times . However , We've seen , Macro events and prominent traditional investors confirm bitcoin's narrative , and DeFi It's no longer a dream .

2020 Years make many DApp Developers can eventually build and experiment on a production scale . With more tools and more options , We should see more development and innovation , Want to focus more on the end user experience .

Matthew Lam —— OKEx Insights analysts

Only for Matthew Personal view , Do not represent OKEx Insights opinion .

I will 2020 The year is summed up as 「 progress 」. especially , I saw the DeFi,NFT and CBDC A lot of development progress . Mobile mining has become the number one buzzword in the encrypted community !

I Believe ,2020 Year is 「 progress 」 In the year ,2021 The year will be 「 Harvest 」 In the year !

stay DeFi aspect , In my submission AMM And the price prediction machine is noteworthy ! meanwhile , See China start next year DCEP, It's not surprising that Wall Street giants compete with each other to launch their crypto trading platforms and institutional crypto hosting solutions !

In my submission ETH 2.0 It's a long-term price driver , Next year, ETH I tend to be bullish on the price of !

Raindy Lu —— Ontology Marketing Operations Manager

For us , One of the big victories of the year is in Wing Launched on the platform 「 Inclusive pool 」, This is based on Ontology The first cross chain pool based on credit constructed by blockchain .

stride into 2021 year , Our focus is on helping more DApp Focusing on self-management ID And data protection services to promote the further development of the ecosystem . Another goal is to further optimize product development , And for ONTO wallet ,SAGA and Wing The platform brings a wider range of users .

We believe that , As more and more players enter this field ,DeFi Will be in 2021 The trend continued to rise in 2005 . This will lead to further innovation , For example, different combinations of pledge or NFT Further development of .

Antonio Madeira —— CryptoCompare Chief advertising manager and CoinTelegraph Contributor

2020 Year is DeFi A year of attention , Because this is the new character in the chain , And bitcoin has a solid position , Shine in big institutional investments .

I Believe DeFi Will begin to show signs of maturity , And the rest of the space will start to shine , In especial NFT. I think bitcoin will continue to be attractive to institutional investors . I Believe , The value of many counterfeit coins will continue to decline , Because most counterfeit coins have no real use .

Sun Yuchen —— Wave field CEO With the founder

2020 It's been a great year ! I'm interested in the wave field 2020 I'm very satisfied with the progress made in . A lot of new products are coming out , Include JustStable、JustSwap、JustLend、JustLink、SUN Community , This lays the foundation for the decentralized financial ecosystem of wave field .

We will focus on developing and expanding our DeFi Infrastructure . Built through our platform DeFi product , The wave field DeFi The project will focus on JST Based on , Integrate decentralized lending , Trading and other financial services . then JST Will evolve into a source of empowerment , And become the whole wave field DeFi An important symbol of the ecosystem . We are DeFi The position of wave field shows that wave field has gradually evolved into an industry leader and innovator through its small-scale success .

DeFi Will be in 2021 Continued growth in , Because it enables many people and businesses without bank accounts to use financial services . We will continue to develop a stable ecosystem in the wave field , And invite more regulated stable currencies .

Interest in blockchain technology continues to grow , today , More large institutions are investing heavily in blockchain solutions than ever before .

Dirk Lueth —— Upland CEO Shenyang vulva leukoplakia hospital :http://www.wybb024.com/

In a word : Start .( Of course , I'm talking about NFT The beginning of becoming mainstream ).

2020 Year is not yet NFT In the year . Until the end of this year , We're just beginning to see this idea mature , Products become more complex , And we see early signs that unencrypted fans are starting to pay attention . Even though there are some NFT They all sell for thousands of dollars , But that doesn't mean it's adopted by the mass market .

so to speak , Once daily active users reach 10 All the above , Blockchain will start to become mainstream .2021 year , The first companies will break this barrier . However , The biggest problem is still , Whether these new entrants have blockchains from the beginning DNA, Or from the old companies that have added blockchain functions to existing games .

I think transactions in the blockchain market, such as digital art , Collections and other assets will begin to move into multiple worlds , Because the latter can create better content , User and transaction experience .

Last : Token assets from the real world will be abundant NFT The world of , Does anyone have Picasso ? The line between the digital world and the physical world will blur .

Dr. Jesse 「aggroed」 Reich – Splinterlands Founder and CEO

Splinterlands Well done .9 month , For the first time we have reached 1 Million monthly active users , We're seeing a monthly growth of about 10%, And our influence on social media is growing . All of these have contributed to the success of our land sales , The first one is in 21 Sold out in seconds , The second pile of land is 30 Sold out in minutes .

We're going to add a second round of fighting , Let players see the chessboard , Game items and spells . In order to achieve this goal , We have to sell things and spells , It's not just packaging them together , Instead, the right to cast is transferred to the player . Landowners will harvest resources , Building buildings , Kill the monster , And use all of these to make objects and spells , It can be let or sold on the market .

In my submission 2021 This year is an incredible bull market for bitcoin and cryptocurrency . I see every type of business in cryptocurrency doing well , And enjoy the biggest transfer of wealth in the history of the world .

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