The dApp casino that is accepting cryptocurrency deposits and offers generous wagering incentives.

By April 4, 2021DApps
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With cryptocurrency markets on the rise again and close to the $2T market cap, I thought I'd share some decent returns from gambling on EarnBet. Some of these folks have gone big and yielded a 2-3x return while some degens just had a bit of extra crypto in their wallets and decided to YOLO big and it sure did payout. Some of these folks managed to get a 1000x return on the casino's crash that is a time-based monetary multiplier and crashes at random intervals (proven to be provably fair).

r/BitcoinGambling - The dApp casino that is accepting cryptocurrency deposits and offers generous wagering incentives.

What is EarnBet?

EarnBet is an online decentralized casino that initially started off by offering a simple dice roll and operated on the EOS platform and within its first year managed to attract a hefty $500 Million in wagers. However, as a result of the state of emergency the EOS chain had-i.e. the costs of transactions surging as a result of the hike in fees-EarnBet was forced to look for alternatives and settled to convert to the WAX chain. Moreover, the casino is licensed by Gaming Curacao and offers users non-custodial accounts that they can access with their 24-key phrases. The casino requires no KYC for users which upholds the casino's commitment to being decentralized. It offers 5 games and a jackpot of over $260K with minimum bets of $0.000825 ($USDT) on games.
The casino is regarded as the top dApp in its category by dApp radar and given various rewards for its on-chain platform.

Wagering incentives offered

EarnBet offers a $50 sign-up bonus paid after wagering 50x on $100 and making a $100 deposit. Moreover, it offers yield-farming on every wager (in the casino's native coin, $BET which users can stake for dividends) and a weekly leaderboard that is currently paying out 10K $BET and $2,0000 $BTC.

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