WordPress Launches official Ethereum ad plugin

By April 7, 2021DApps
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WordPress Launches official Ethereum ad plugin

WordPress is the biggest content management system (CMS) with over 60% CMS market share. To put it another way, over 40% of all websites on the Internet use WordPress. On 10th December 2020, WordPress announced that it would be possible for content creators and publishers on the CMS to open up ETH ad space and earn from these spaces directly into their Ethereum wallets. They do this through an Add-On known as ‘EthereumAds’.This plugin can be used by anyone on any type of content and to publishers who publish on all topics not just about cryptocurrencies.

How to install the plugin

The process of installing the plugin is very easy. Follow these steps and you are set;

  1. You will first go to EthereumAds’ official page or WordPress’s plugin dashboard and download the plugin. It will be in a zip folder

  2. On the WordPress Dashboard plugin area, choose to add a new plugin then upload the zip file you installed and install it.

  3. Once installed, click to activate the plugin on your website

  4. Go to the plugin’s settings and past in the public key to your Ethereum wallet.

How does it work?

After you are done installing the Ethereum ad plugin, you will go to appearance, then to widget, drag the widget and drop it where the ad to show on the Sidebar. From there, your ad space is automatically and openly auctioned off every two weeks to the highest bidder using the Ethereum platform’s smart contracts. All income from renting will be credited to your Ethereum wallet directly.

Benefits of using the Ethereum ad plugin

There are four main benefits of using the Ethereum ad plugin. They are;

1. You can monetize your website in under 1 minute

When you use EthereumAds’ main competitor, Google AdSense, the monetization process can get very tedious. It can even take a couple of days as your information is being verified, whereas all you need with EthereumAds is to follow the simple process mentioned above, and you are set.

2. You can earn more.

You earn more with the Ethereum ad plugin for two main reasons. First, due to the competitive nature of the bidding market, you get better audience marketing and, consequently, better targeting. Secondly, you will earn more because EthereumAds pays you 90% of your ad earnings compared to Google AdSense, which pays out a paltry 68%.

3. More privacy

When you are registering with Google AdSense, you will give them a lot of private information, including your bank details for payment. On the other hand, you can remain anonymous with EthereumAds as you only connect your wallet without giving away any private information.

4. No risks of demonetization

Google AdSense has in the past faced harsh criticism, particularly from content creators, for demonetizing them. This is possible because Google AdSense pays you through centralized channels, i.e., banks, meaning that they or third parties have the power to stop transactions. On the other hand, many cryptocurrency-based payments are decentralized, allowing advertisers and publishers to carry out their transactions easily.

Why chose EthereumAds over Google AdSense

There are other ad monetization platforms, but Google AdSense is the biggest platform, and therefore this section will be centered around it. Besides the lower commission fees and fewer risks of demonetization, there are two main reasons why crypto-enthusiasts would choose to use the Ethereum Ad Plugin over Google AdSense;

  1. In 2019, Google Adsense officially Blacklisted Ethereum as a keyword meaning it could not be used as in Google Ads, according to this article by CoinTelegraph.

  2. In 2020, following complaints by CoinCorner and as reported by CoinTelegraph, Google Adsense ran a phishing ad, yet it had blocked the legitimate firm from running ads.

Google AdSense has a complicated relationship with cryptocurrency firms and cryptocurrency ads in general. If you wish to run ads about cryptocurrencies or get paid in cryptocurrencies, it would be better not to use Google AdSense.

WordPress and Cryptocurrencies

Luckily, WordPress has over 300 cryptocurrency plugins that allow its users to add payment buttons, donation buttons, and price tickers. WordPress showed an early interest in cryptocurrencies when other firms were still holding back. In 2012, they allowed its users to buy WordPress upgrades with Bitcoin. They discontinued this payment option in 2016 but have been open to cryptocurrencies in general hence the numerous cryptocurrency plugins available.

What is Ethereum

In case you are wondering, Ethereum is a next-generation blockchain platform, and their cryptocurrency is Ether. It is the 2nd cryptocurrency by market cap after Bitcoin. It is similar to Bitcoin because it runs a blockchain-based decentralized cryptocurrency. However, Ethereum has much more usability. One of the main reasons it is so popular is because it allows people to facilitate contracts on their blockchain. Besides smart contracts, it’s also possible for third parties to build distributed applications (DApps) on the platform, which can run without fraud, control, downtime, or interference.

Ethereum was not created to be Bitcoin’s competition as its goal was not to become a world currency. Ethereum is currently in the process of being upgraded to Ethereum 2.0, which, among other changes, will allow it to shift from the Proof of work consensus algorithm to the Proof of stake consensus algorithm. This change alone will make it more efficient to run long-term when compared to the grandfather of all cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin.


WordPress powers millions of blogs online. They have recently introduced EthereumAds, an ad monetization plugin that will allow its users to sell their ad space and get paid in Ether. There are many reasons why WordPress users, especially crypto enthusiastic WordPress users, would be delighted by this introduction. For starters, they would pay much less on commissions meaning they would earn more, and they would be able to get paid with Ether directly to their Ethereum wallets. This is a great opportunity for crypto curious-content creators to get their feet wet in the cryptocurrency market.

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