What Is Zed Run? Ethereum, NFTs And Horses Combine For Digital Racehorse Experience

By April 25, 2021Ethereum
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What Is Zed Run? Ethereum, NFTs And Horses Combine For Digital Racehorse Experience

The rise of NFTs has expanded from digital art to sports collectibles such as digital trading cards and NBA Top Shot moments.

Now, even horse racing is getting involved. A growing player in the space is Zed Run, a digital racehorse platform seeing strong growth.

What is Zed Run: Zed is a horse racing game that offers users the chance to build a stable through buying, selling and breeding digital racehorses.

The mission of Zed is to provide digital assets that not only hold value but can be used in races and through breeding to provide additional earnings.

The platform was built by a couple of guys in their bedroom, according to the company.

“Never in our wildest dreams did we think that we would build a passionate community wanting to see the ZED ecosystem grow and ultimately succeed,” the company said.

Zed is big on community involvement with active Discord and Twitch channels, Clubhouse events and links to guides and data sources created by users.

Using Cryptocurrency: Zed Run digital horses are part of a blockchain platform where users own their assets.

Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH) and a digital wallet are needed to purchase horses on Zed. The horses are ERC-721 NFTs, a token standard used for most NFTs to make the tokens unique.

Zed Run uses Meta Mask, a company that uses a cryptocurrency wallet to interact with the Ethereum blockchain.

Users need to remember their digital wallet password to maintain ownership of their Zed horses.

About the Horses: The first generation of Zed Run horses called Genesis are limited to 38,000 horses representing the Z1 to Z68 genotypes.

Digital horses on Zed can be bought from the company in limited-time “drops" and are often done in batches of 500 digital horses.

The marketplace also gives users the ability to buy and sell horses already purchased through the company’s platform.

Zed encourages users to buy the horses through the OpenSea platform, a popular marketplace for NFTs.

Breeding is another way to obtain new horses. Horses are unique with different bloodlines, genotypes and breed types, which are important factors in a horse’s performance in a race.

Users can also earn Ethereum for stud fees during the breeding process.

Growth of Zed: The attention that Zed has received has made it even harder for users to buy one of the limited number of horses that are sold as “drops.” The last drop on March 19 sold out 500 racehorses in less than three hours. The Z1 horses sold out in mere minutes.

The company has sold more than 11,000 horses, seen over 8,000 horses bred and the creation of over 3,600 stables. There are still 27,000 Genesis horses the company will sell.

Horses are being resold for record numbers, including a $125,000 sale.

The platform is getting coverage from some media personalities, including Action Network’s Darren Rovell.

(Photo: Zed Run)

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