Karura integrates chainlink Oracle to provide secure and accurate pricing service for Kusama defi

By April 26, 2021DApps
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4 month 21 Japan ,Acala First network Karura As Kusama Network one stop DeFi platform , It's the first to integrate Chainlink Our price feeding service .Chainlink As the industry's leading decentralized Oracle service , Will be for Karura Developers of network smart contracts provide tamper proof on the chain 、 Security 、 Accurate financial market data . Developers can use this data directly , Development, such as lending 、 Stabilizing assets 、Derivatives、 Asset management and so on DeFi The product application .


Chainlink Recently released based on Substrate The latest Oracle Pallet, This will be Polkadot Projects in an ecosystem provide a standardized native Integration Chainlink The way of the Oracle , Including parallel chains 、 Substrate The chain of development and Kusama Parallel chain ( for example Karura ). because Chainlink The price has been prepared , Able to resist manipulation ( For example, to prevent the attack of flash loan ), And it has secured billions of dollars of activity DeFi market . We believe in Integration Chainlink Price feeding solutions for , Will be Karura Ecological developers bring great convenience . Developers can not only get Oracle Security and high-quality data that have been tested for a long time , And can save a lot of development time and resources , It avoids the trouble and risk of self deployment of Oracle machine .

adopt Chainlink Oracle support Karura Ecological security

As Acala Advanced network ,Karura Will become Kusama ecology DeFi center , Faster service 、 More radical Kusama ecology .Karura And Acala Have the same set of code , It's independence 、 Complete cross chain DeFi The Internet , But with faster governance cycle and stronger risk tolerance . Besides ,Karura It is also an extensible and has EVM Compatible DeFi The Internet ,Acala Development teams and ecological developers can work together in Karura Bold innovation and try on the Internet , Give Way Kusama DeFi The market is more imaginative .

utilize Kusama Plug and play security 、 High capacity 、 Fast, low cost and cross chain interoperability ,Karura Can bring about a boundless and extensive DeFi Application service , This includes the release of KSM Staking Liquidity products (LKSM), Stable assets supporting multi currency over mortgage (kUSD)、 And based on AMM Of DEX And the main bridge across Ethereum . These applications have been developed , once Karura In the coming Kusama Win the slot in the parallel chain slot auction ,Karura It can be officially launched .


Like any other decentralized network or parallel chain ,Karura Need a security 、 Reliable and accurate external data sources , It can make dApps In the chain, real data from the chain can be used for timely feedback . This data is not generated in the blockchain network , So the Oracle's data acquisition 、 Verification and delivery are particularly important . what's more , Oracle must meet the same high security standards as the underlying network , To prevent the emergence of smart contracts “ Garbage goes into , Garbage out ”(Garbage input, Garbage output) The situation of .


We choose Chainlink It's because it's the most reliable in the market right now 、 The most robust Oracle solution . Developers can use Chainlink To build DeFi application , The financial security of users will also be strongly guaranteed , And from Chainlink Benefit from growing network effects . These include :

  • Extensive market coverage —— Chainlink Every kind of price data comes from many professional data aggregators , for example BraveNewCoin and Kaiko, There are enough mechanisms to ensure that they maintain high quality data for a long time . Massive price source data generated by each data provider , Reflect all trading environments , Include CEX and DEX, Make their data accurate and robust , Avoid inaccuracies reported by data providers , Down or manipulated .
  • Decentralized Oracle infrastructure —— Chainlink The price is protected by the decentralized Oracle network , The network consists of many independent 、 After security audit, the node operators are composed of , These node operators are well-known in the market DevOps、 Data providers and data companies .Chainlink Node operators can prevent witch attacks at a high level , Even in extremely volatile market conditions , You can also track history and update prices in a timely manner .
  • Scale economy —— Cross link DeFi The ecosystem uses Chainlink Price feeding service is forming a large-scale economic effect , The project only needs to pay a small part of the total cost to obtain high-quality and stable data . It also builds confidence that these decentralized Oracle networks will survive for a long time , Reduce future replacement costs and unexpected abortions .


Based on Substrate Standardization of Chainlink Oracle Pallet,Karura Eco developers not only have a Oracle solution that is easy to integrate , And they will have a strong guarantee , All applications can execute exactly as they were written . Besides , They can both reduce costs , To use the existing price feeding system , We can also launch a new price feeding system based on the new framework . No matter what , We're all looking forward to a lot of developers taking advantage of Karura And Chainlink Construction of a mixed price feeding system DeFi application .

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Chainlink It's the most mainstream blockchain Oracle in the market , Provide security for universal connected smart contracts . It's compatible with any blockchain environment , And it can connect all high-quality data sources on and off the chain .Chainlink Communities all over the world , And hundreds of thousands of community members , The community is responsible for Chainlink We are committed to improving the fairness of smart contracts .Chainlink The Internet now spans decentralized Finance (DeFi)、 Insurance and games and so on , Secure billions of dollars worth of smart contracts .



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