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I am Vathani Ariyam, the author of this online course Bitcoin Cryptocurrency; here, you will learn many things about Bitcoin, such as what Bitcoin is and its advantages, the benefits of using Bitcoin, how it works, and lots more about Bitcoin. Let me tell you some tips about Bitcoin to make you more curious to learn about it.

Bitcoin is a digital currency not controlled by a central bank like other conventional currencies. Therefore, it is decentralized, no one owns it, and the ledgers control it. Bitcoins produced worldwide using cryptocurrency and managed by independent computers and the growth tied to the mathematical algorithm.

A process called mining can produce Bitcoins. Bitcoin mining is a very competitive enterprise and the most popular currency out of all the digital coins. Technology is highly advanced today. An individual can make profits from mining a service that produces Bitcoins. The transactions are utterly anonymous as a ledger maintains it contains only words and numbers. If said in non-technical language – the bitcoin currency is a digital replica of money, keeps your identity hidden, and allows you to make transactions on the web.

Bitcoin is helpful for investments even though it is volatile, but money could make if you follow the tips that I have given in this course for the new investors. Bitcoin is gaining popularity daily because of few things, faster transactions, complete anonymity, and excellent investment options.

Bitcoin is a payment system that introduced in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto as an open-source payment system. Since it launched, it has grown expediently. You might think that a highly valued cryptocurrency like bitcoin could only get through trading, investment, or use as a means of payment for service rendered, but bitcoin can also earn.

If you are not one to take risks, but you are interested in earning bitcoin freely, we have selected the top 5 best sites where you can make bitcoin without investing anything. All required to redeem your bitcoin is to open a bitcoin wallet into which your earnings go in there.

Each of these sites is what called a Bitcoin faucet. A Bitcoin faucet is a website that gives small sums of Bitcoins to users who place ads on their website. To learn all the details about this way of earning Bitcoins fast, head over to the links below.

I would like you to know about other national cryptocurrencies around the world purely developed to suit individual countries' requirements and for specific purposes. If you want to become an investor in Bitcoin, I have given the details of a careful approach in this online course.

Thank you for choosing my online course to read; I am sure it will motivate you to invest in Bitcoin but with care.

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