Top Analytics Tokens by Market Capitalization to Watch Now

By July 22, 2021Ethereum
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Analytics Tokens

These Analytics tokens are in high demand

Cryptocurrency coins are booming though, but let’s know more about crypto coins that are changing the analytics world. These tokens provide analysts to leverage skills for the benefit of the communities. Analytics tokens are used for authentication purposes. These tokens power DeFi apps and other functions. Let’s take a look at the top crypto coins and tokens used for analytics that are doing well in the market.

The Graph

Market Cap: US$1.58Billion

The Graph is an indexing protocol for querying data for networks like Ethereum and IPFS, powering many applications in both DeFi and the broader Web3 ecosystem. The Graph powers DeFi apps and uses subgraphs to construct and publish open APIs and make data access more easily. The Graph makes querying of data possible that otherwise be hectic to query directly. The usage of this has been growing rapidly without the support from other VCs like Coinbase and CoinFund.


Market Cap: US$56.29Million

PARSIQ is a next-generation platform for monitoring and intelligence offering analytics tools for blockchain technology across industries. PARSIQ enables users to track network activity in real-time, unlock new use cases for their application, and by creating instant notifications. It is a platform that makes blockchain events consumable and blockchain data actionable. The users can benefit from this technology through the use of visual editors that harness drag-and-drop templates.

DEX Tools

Market Cap: US$19.58Million

DEXTools is an app and ecosystem for traders that provides information about all kinds of decentralized markets. Assimilating blockchain data into one comprehensive UI, DEXTools allows users to have a clear vision about the trading, investments, and current crypto market. It is mainly focused on the quality of data provided by its huge infrastructure being both reliable and real-time. DEXTools focuses on community feedback, supporting initiatives like DEXTForce and DEZTForce Ventures.

Graphlinq Protocol

Market Cap: US$4.31Million

Graphling Protocol is the native token built on top of Ethereum. GLQ can be used to run a graph on the platform’s test net to execute different processes over the blockchain to automate tasks, triggering events, and many more. GLQ will have more uses as the ecosystem grows.


Market Cap: US$543373.04

AstroTools is a DeFi dashboard that aims to bridge the information gap between the centralized and decentralized exchanges, with an edge to supercharge their trading experience. This allows users to create customized dashboards by favoring trading pairs for tracking and analysis, enabling navigation between its users and a direct path to Uniswap. It offers a simple verification function for contract address and trade pair accuracy, preventing accidental loss of funds to duplicative scam coins.


Market Cap: US$476995.30

MoonTools is a data explorer for decentralized exchanges. MOONS tokens are required to access different features in the MoonTools apps.


Market Cap: US$253666.68

ChartEx claims to have evolved from a Discord chatbot to a suite of complementary products including an interactive charting website and bots also operating on Telegram and Twitter. These tools allow users to interrogate trading data in a simple manner and ask for information such as the price is near a trendline. The CHART token is described to be a token for paying some of its functions.

APY Vision

Market Cap: US$

APY. Vision is an analytics platform that provides clarity for liquidity providers contributing capital on Automated Market Making protocols. Innovations in blockchain technology and DeFi coins have opened the gates to allow anyone with any amount of spare capital, to contribute to liquidity in markets and earn a fee from it.


Market Cap: US$

UniWhales is an analytics platform that has a Webapp dashboard with real-time monitoring of tokens, whale addresses, and their DeFi movements. It also addresses filtering by analyzing whale data filtered by date, transaction size, token, or DEX. UniWhale has telegram alerts for channel swaps, liquidity, add or remove new token alerts.

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