Kusama (KSM) Enhances 4.2% Today While It Collaborates With SubQuery To Aggregate And Serve Defi Data

By September 10, 2021Polkadot
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Kusama (KSM) reached a new mark of $382.05, accounting for 4.2%. Currently, it holds $432,483,034 and market capitalization $3,428,913,627. In recent weeks, the Karura team and Acala have celebrated the launch of Karura Swap, the first DEX in the Polkadot/Kusama ecosystem. Karura uses SubQuery to extract and query data from the Karura blockchain, making queries fast and efficient for the Karura application. Apps development on Karura has now become much faster with the new public SubQuery projects published by Karura.

Экспериментальная сеть Polkadot — Kusama

There is a publicly available SubQuery project that the Karura community can take as a basis and create any DApp application that they want. In addition, Karura Dictionary significantly speeds up indexing. Founded by the Acala Foundation, Karura is a scalable, EVM-compatible network optimized for DeFi and built on Kusama. This is a universal DeFi platform that offers a set of financial applications, including a derivative instrument for betting, a stable coin supported by cross-chain assets, and AMM DEX – and all this with minimal commissions that can be paid in any token.

The chart price of IOTA (MIOTA) shows a slight increase in value by 3.9%. Currently the crypto holds a trading volume $254,088,256 and market capitalization $4,515,061,000. The European Commission’s Blockchain Initiative has selected the IOTA (MIOTA) as one of seven projects to participate in the preliminary stage of the development of a distributed registry technology platform across the EU. The initiative aims to increase the efficiency and accountability of the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI), a network of nodes designed to promote the efficiency of EU-focused transactions, as well as expand the region’s supply chain by introducing new technologies while reducing the European carbon footprint.

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The IOTA (MIOTA) – a non-profit organization supporting Tangle, an open-source DLT platform, will support EBSI in cross-border relationships between governments, businesses and citizens for ” digital management of educational credentials, creating reliable digital audit trails and document tracking, SME financing, data exchange between authorities and digital identification.”

Currently, the market of eCash (XEC) experiences negative dynamics of 3.7%. eCash’s price stalled right at $0.00024050 during this day. The company takes the trading volume by $200,669,482. The cryptocurrency started the trading session at 03:00 with a value of $0.00024991 and slightly declined. However, a couple of hours later r it reached the point of $0.00027289. A little time after it decreased to the volume of $200,669,482. eCash is developed from one of the most well-known names in the cryptocurrency world, BCHA, which was previously known as eCash. With the idea of the great Milton Friedman, eCash aspires to take financial independence to a new level.

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According to the official website, eCash’s objective is to become “sound money” that anybody may use anywhere in the globe. This is a technology that will revolutionize society and greatly improve human freedom and prosperity. The roadmap gives a high-level technical direction overview of the eCash protocol, allowing various technical teams to collaborate on the project’s advancement. The creators of eCash provide high-quality professional software that meets the demands of consumers, miners, and merchants.

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