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By September 20, 2021Polkadot
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Today I wanted to jump into Polkadot and talk about where I think it will continue to go. We see a 35.26 dollar Polkadot right now with a 4.47 percent increase. So why do we see Polkadot do so well? Well, it comes down to trading activity. We see a 70 percent buy 30 sells. So another question is why are we seeing more people buying than selling, and we’re going to jump into that today talking about really where Polkadot is headed and why it’s headed there?

We also see the 34.4 billion dollar market cap a 2 billion volume in the last 24 hours. So a lot of bullish activity with the popularity being number six for Polkadot right now. Like I said, many people looking into it, whether it’s institutional retail; it’s all investors right now looking at Polkadot.

And there are great reasons as to why. If we look at the last week, we can see a 20 to 21 percent increase. The last month is about a 50 percent increase. Polkadot is doing insanely well, and as I said, there are many reasons why you guys don’t know much about Polkadot; I’m going to give you a summary here by coinbase.

“Polkadot is a protocol that enables cross-blockchain transfers of any data or asset by uniting multiple blockchains. Polkadot aims to achieve high degrees of security and scalability. Dot serves as the governance of the protocol token and can be used to secure the network or connect new chains.”

So definitely a lot of value behind polkadot utility continuing to build, obviously as projects jump on board, but there is a lot to jump into today. And we’re going to jump straight into one of the first tweets.

So this tweet talks more about the polkadot digest 17 or 17th of September 2021.

The Polkadot digest talking about referendum 34 to increase the minimum nomination amount to 120 DOT is currently passing with point zero two per cent turnout.

So keep that in mind. A lot of you guys can jump on board and vote here. So if you guys care enough, definitely take advantage.

Polkadot at the very very large obviously 34.6 billion. If we take a look at the chart right now it’s at 34.4 billion. But you know, for the most part, like I said, very, very big things coming for all of these projects under the Polkadot ecosystem. As you know, kind of all works together in unison. So we take a look as well at the website Polkadot.network.

Please note always do your research because I’m not a financial advisor. This is the true way to kind of dive into Polkadot and understands what they’re trying to accomplish and what’s going on in the back scenes or the, you know, behind the scenes, I guess I should say. True interoperability economic and transactional scalability easy blockchain innovation forkless and future proof security for everyone in user-driven network governance.

I’m not going to deep dive too much into the website today, but as I said, we’ve done it before, we’ll probably do it again in the future, so if you guys want to stay that or see that in the future, definitely like I said to subscribe to the channel.

Let’s jump through back over to Polkadot talk about the end of the year-end of the bull market push 35 dollars and 30 cents still seeing a great price point on polkadot as I said.

This is huge trading activity seeing a 70 by 30 percent sold. As long as this continues, we are going to continue to see polkadot rise in value. You know, seeing this very strong push in polkadot is going to be something many people have been waiting to see for a while, and it’s great to see it taking place now. You know, little, literally a little later in the year. You know, close to that q4 that many people are expecting to be huge for small altcoins or even just all coins in general.

I think by the end of the year, we are going to see Polkadot pushing closer to about 80 to 120 dollars. And then, by the end of the bull market, pushing closer to about 200 dollars is the current uh really price target for me. I think Polkadot’s so so valuable. And at 34.4 billion dollars, I think it’s still very undervalued with how much it provides to this ecosystem. It’s going to depend on how much crypto mass adoption takes place this year with retail and institutional investors.

And it also matters obviously on how long that bull market does last. So we’ll keep you guys up to date with all that regarding Polkadot. And we’ll continue like I said to talk about Polkadot on this channel.

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