Ankr still in bull run

By November 15, 2021Polkadot
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On the occasion of its incredible growth in the last few hours, let’s go back to talking about Ankr, protocol not new for those who follow Market boom, second only to the excellent performance of $ CRO and of $ WAXP, of which we have however already spoken this morning.

What’s behind the boom? It has something to do with it in a way Polkadot but not only that, for a protocol that continues to register record, also with regard to theuse of one’s own protocol and that we will have the opportunity to analyze by taking the opportunity of this new bull run for the protocol.

Ankr flies to the market again - here's why
Another bull run for $ ANKR – let’s try to understand why

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Ankr takes advantage of the long wave of Polkadot and flies to the market

The first interesting news regarding $ ANKR is the activation of the Launchpad for the Polkadot’s parachain rods, an event that is one of those it has held bench over the last few days on the market.

An important sign of strength and of centrality in the important aspects of the new movement blockchain, which for obvious reasons has led many to buy the cryptocurrency reference of the protocol, which at the time of writing, despite having lost something from the peak, is around $ 0.14, very attractive price but still far from the all-time high, which would need an additional 30% growth.

A price base on which to start thinking, with the protocol which proved to be one of the most strong in the last few hours – and not only thanks to what is offered in terms of launchpad for Polkadot and its auctions.

Too late to join Ankr?

When we talk about Ankr we are facing a project that was born as a protocol for sharing resources, in particular hosting, which later evolved from a service provider cloud up to including other types of support for the most popular blockchain.

The ability to participate in crowdloans from Polkadot is only the example of what is offered today by this protocol, which is not wrongly considered by many specialists as one of those to be to follow without ifs and buts. We too believe that the price level reached today still has ample room for growth. With a few caveats though, which is true for all projects that are similar to $ ANKR at least financially.

  • Choose a good intermediary already offers this token and already offers one of the best environments to invest in tokens of this magnitude. We avoid fancy flights with exchange which cannot offer the same conditions.

There volatility it is intrinsic in projects that have lived, at least until today, of bull run then followed by strong corrections. Who wants to enter the market now $ ANKR it should have, at least in our opinion, a medium-term horizon, if the intention is to use all the strength that this protocol can express also on the financial side.

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