Nike’s Metaverse Nikeland And Roblox Partnership

By November 21, 2021Metaverse
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Nike Metaverse Nikeland
Nike Metaverse Nikeland

Sports giant Nike has taken a leap into the Metaverse. Company is partnering with Roblox to create a virtual world called Nikeland.

Metaverse Partnership

Meta and Microsoft aren’t the only companies with ambitions for the Metaverse. On Thursday, Nike announced a partnership with Roblox to offer a free virtual playspace called Nikeland. In its current iteration, Nikeland includes minigames such as tag, dodgeball and the floor is lava that players can check out with their friends. Mobile integration allows you to use your phone to translate real-life movement into the game. In that way, you can do things like long jumps and fast sprints. Naturally, there’s also a digital showroom where players can get Nike swag for their avatar.

The company eventually plans to integrate in-play moments that emulate global sporting events. Examples may include a soccer event during the World Cup or a flag football game during the Super Bowl. Nike said it will continue to update the virtual world to include athlete and product integration.


Miami attorney and an appointee to the Miami-Dade CTF, Samir Patel is positive about decentralized blockchain: “Nike has the resources to educate judges through trial because they can afford to pay their lawyers to drag out litigation, but other smaller petitioners would have a hard time convincing a judge that they own virtual property that exists on a virtual land registry, maintained by a decentralized blockchain.”

“That’s because AI derived work is not covered by U.S. copyright laws. So, if I were to deploy AI in the MV and the AI creates something wonderful, I have zero rights to the derived work and someone else can mimic the work and claim copyright for themselves. It will be exceedingly difficult to protect one’s copyrights because the MV could be so vast and the infringer could be an AI-deployed entity. Judges will treat these issues using meatspace copyright laws” : added he.

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